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Calming Space Massage / Relaxation, Deep Tissue

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One hour can change your health and life.. If you suffer fatigue, stress, exhaustion, muscle pain, tension just to list a few, I am a qualified relaxation massage therapist and deep tissue. For 1 hour allow yourself to banish the days exhaustion, to reset, rejuvenate and most of all RELAX!!! This is exactly why i left the 9-5 daily grind and into the profession that saved my sanity. The most common feedback statements I receive is the quality of sleep they get the same night...priceless right !!! One main question asked ?? If you would like a soft gentle massage I can provide that.....If you would like a deep tissue massage I can also provide this. You are the client, what "you" want is what's important to me. Deep Tissue Massage is designed to ease muscle tension and help with a range of health concerns. This style of massage is perfect for areas that are chronically tense, like stiffness in the neck, tightness in the lower back, and sore shoulders. It eases chronic pain and helps speed recovery from sports and other injuries. Deep Tissue Massage works to relieve pain and restore normal movement by physically breaking down adhesions and releasing deeply held tension points. Hope to see you

Calming Space Massage / Relaxation & Deep Tissue / Reiki Seichim Master

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Energy Massage Wellness Full body massage Stress Calm


I treat clients by applying pressure and motion to manipulate the body's soft tissue and joints. The treatment can help assit and relieve pain, relieve anxiety, stress and depression and aid in the general wellness to you - the client.


A full body massage will consist of myself massaging your entire body during a theraputic session which usually last's for 1 hour consisting of back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck and head both front and rear where applicable.



This is the golden question ???? once a month is what i would call the usual service and tune-up. Idealistically it's up to you. Some come weekly and others come fortnightly. It depends on ones budget and your personal circumstanses that are required. At the end of the day how often is it required to feel AMAZING, RELAXED, CALM is up to you.


Utilize the good energy i say...do nothing ( if you can ). Head home - relax, put your feet up and stay hydrated !


Seichim is a living light energy meaning its a different and higher vibration than Reiki, which is most beneficial for working with emotional and mental levels or concerns, as well as that higher spiritual connection. Meaning 'power of powers' or 'might', Seichim is similar to REIKI by working on our higher bodies to balance a person mentally and emotionally but also used for physical ailments.

Seichim healing originated in Egypt and was the place it was discovered.  Like Reiki it is also 'received' by the practitioners like a radio signal and transmitted through the practitioners crown, out their hands and into a persons body. The hands may be placed over the chakra areas with the energy field.


I am someone who has come from the corporate industry with 20 years plus behind me of pharmacuetical and surgical administration. I won't say i didnt enjoy those years because i did. It created the person that i am today, working with people directly face to face in many different life altering situations. But my dream has become larger, bigger if you will. I wanted to be the person to take my life skills, but pour them into a new venture giving people the approach of healing and relief that traditional medicine alone can not do ( but it has its place 100% ). For years and years up until this present day i see hollistic healers and massage therpaist's and thought WHY am i not doing this! So i bit the bullet and just left the 9-5 grind there and then. If i kept pondering on the right time, when would that be? When is the perfect time......THE PERFECT TIME! So i made the desicion, with my husband of 23 years and having his support to follow my heart. This lead me to new courses and and the freedom of working from home, spending more time with family and living a much fuller happier life.




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Calm Space Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Swedish/Relaxation Massage
$95 Per hour

Hi, my name is Karina. Calming Space Massage offers full body relaxation and deep tissue massage, along with holistic services such as Reiki II and Seichim. My aim is to deliver you a service to help you live with less pain and stress in your daily life.

Reiki Masters

Reiki Swedish/Relaxation Massage Reiki Online
$90 Per hour

Reiki is a Japanese word for "REI" meaning universal and "KI" meaning life force. It is this energy that creates everything around and within us. ** Reiki is an ancient technique for deep relaxation and hands on healing. Reiki re-balances the physical Wh

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11:00 am To 6:00 pm


  • Reiki Master
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  • Seichim Reiki Master
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