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Traditional Thai Massage Therapist

Traditional Thai Massage 

In a traditional Thai massage, therapists don’t use oils or lotions. During treatment, clients remain fully clothed while therapists use their palms and fingers to apply pressure on the body.   

Soothing Heat Stone Massage

A therapeutic massage that uses hot stones. Water-heated smooth, dark basalt stones are applied on the body to ease tight muscles and relax damaged soft tissues. 

Sometimes therapists can put oil on the stones and glide them through the body for a more soothing massage. 


An ancient healing therapy, cupping involves placing round cups over affected areas of the body to relieve muscle tension, pain, and stiffness.

When the cup is applied to the skin, air pressure in the cup cools down resulting in a sucking motion. Cupping is known to increase circulation, remove lymph fluids and quicken repair of damaged deep tissues. 

Foot Massage

A foot massage involves applying varying pressure on specific reflex areas of the feet stimulating the immune system, alleviating pain and tension felt throughout the body. 

Although this type of massage can be done at home by yourself, finding a professional is still worth it especially when you’ve been on your feet all day and are longing for a relaxing foot rub.  

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage

With a specific focus on the head, shoulders and back, this massage is recommended if you’ve been sitting for prolonged hours. 

This massage helps improve circulation in the head, reduce stress, relieve tensed muscles, and provide a general feeling of relaxation.

Other Treatments Offered:

  • Relaxation Facial Treatment
  • Body Scrub and Aromatherapy

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