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Canberra Kahuna Massage & Reiki

How KaHuna Massage can help YOU!

Canberra Kahuna Massage & Doula Birth Support

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KaHuna massage (or Lomi Lomi) is a therapeutic massage technique based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiians.


This style of massage works with constnt flowing strokes, nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to completely relax and rejuvenate.


Are you suffering from stress, tension or anxiety?


You will be amazed at the depth of relaxation this form of bodywork will deliver.
It instils a calming sense of peace, quietens the mind and reduces stress and tension.

Are you feeling run down, congested, sluggish or toxic?


KaHuna massage's long smooth strokes encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.
This improves drainage, so congestion is relieved and waste products are better carried away from the cells.

Are you suffering from muscle soreness, stiffness or pain?


KaHuna massage improves circulation throughout the body and muscles get a much better blood supply.
This allows pain to be relieved much faster and muscles to relax.

Do you want to think more clearly and be able to make decisions faster (perfect for study or work)?


KaHuna massage improves blood flow so more oxygen is carried round the body, and everything works more efficiently, especially the brain, so thinking will be clearer and quicker.

Do you have digestive issues including constipation, over-active gut or congestion?


Abdominal massage is included in the treatment.
This will help to improve the digestive process thereby relieving constipation, or calming an over-active gut.

Do you feel exhausted and like you need to 're-fill your well'?


As well as feeling relaxed after a treatment, you will also feel thoroughly nurtured.
It’s a hard thing to quantify, but anxiety will melt away leaving a deep sense of calm, serenity, joy and trust.


About Your Massage Therapist


Debra Namara is a:

      • qualified KaHuna massage therapist
      • Birth Doula
      • experienced leader of women's circles and workshops, including Mother/Daughter groups
      • facilitator of life celebrations and rites of passage

Debra provides a safe and healing sanctuary for you to escape from the madness of the world to recharge your energy while restoring balance to your body, mind and spirit.



Session times are 60 or 90 minutes.

They include a powerful blend of KaHuna Massage, Reflexology and Reiki - a potent combination that will restore your body, mind and spirit.

KaHuna massages are non-sexual. You will be covered at all times and your safety and comfort are assured.


$95 for 60 mins

$130 for 90 mins

Contact me now to book your session and start feeling better today!


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