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I work with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, mental health, emotional and physical pain, weight loss and addictions. In our first session together, I will identify what limitations, unconscious habits and patterns you may be experiencing, and what resources, attitudes and beliefs you will need to create a plan of action to get you to your desired state.


Servicing area

Joondalup, Wembley WA

Focus areas

Wellbeing Clinical hypnotherapy Changing habits Weight management Anxiety Smoking cessation

Relationship Counselling

“Communicating through a broken relationship is very difficult.  Carol provides effective tools and techniques to make co-parenting a possibility with less stress and greater openness. My kids also benefited from their sessions with Carol. It provided them an outlet to share their concerns and frustrations in a healthy way.”

Jack R

“We are extremely grateful to Carol for guiding our family through an extremely challenging time. She is warm, kind, and extremely professional. Breakdown of relationships are not easy for any family and she helped us understand and navigate our way through the process and helped us manage our expectations. Our family is forever grateful. I can’t recommend Carol highly enough for any family in crisis and in need of counselling.”
Lynn & Bob F

"Although I had met with other counsellors, Carol really made a difference with her knowledge, intuition, empathy and understanding our our situation. in a non-judgmental way. Carol applies practical solutions and techniques that really made the difference. She helped me recognise both my strengths and weaknesses and how my inflexibility and control had become a stumbling block for myself and my marriage. Carol showed me how to utilise my strengths and work through my weaknesses in resolving my marital issues, whilst working toward growth and change. Although it took a few months, both my wife and I now enjoy greater, clarity in our communication and a better understanding of the key issues, which we have now rersolved."

Daniel W

ADHD & Behavioural and Learning Difficulties

" Ever since early teenage years I've felt there was something different with me and my brain, but was unaware that I had ADHD. I experience poor time management, struggle with poor memory, not being able to identify what my priority is , lack of focus and concentration are huge issues. The frustration with not being able to get something started or starting too many things in life and never get to finish anything. All of these issues were playing huge role in my social anxiety and day to day life.

Using Hypnotherapy Carol taught me how to change into positive, focused states quickly, and become more confident and relaxed in all situations. Carol really understands and empathises as she has suffered a mild TBI and knows the challenges, fears, social anxieties associated with being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).
Aaron T


“Thank you for helping me become a non-smoker! My Hypnotherapy sessions with Carol were a great experience. What I loved most was that Hypnotherapy worked even better than I expected. I had been smoking for over 10 years, and I was able to quit after only 3 sessions. I will certainly recommend Carol to my friends!”
 Amanda G

“Hi Carol. I came to see you for Hypnosis in August 2018,  and at that time I was on 20 cigarettes a day. One week before my first session, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 – Emphysema. I was totally shocked.
After my first session  I threw the remainder of the packet and I haven’t had one since. The experience was very relaxing, and I haven’t had the urge to smoke since. Thank you very much!”

Grahame W


“What I really liked about Carol’s Addiction Hypnotherapy is that it gave me back my personal joy for life and for who I am. It also has kept me away from drugs and alcohol when other treatments and therapists failed. I’m less stressed and rarely on edge. This is a very healthy new life that I have started. Thank you.”
Joe N

“I had been smoking marijuana for 5 years and was unable to quit. My girlfriend left me and I lost most of my friends. My life felt out of control and I knew I needed to get help. I had tried different therapies before, but after a few weeks I started smoking again. Carol worked with me on a weekly basis using Hypnotherapy, and I was able to get clean. She never gave up on me. I will certainly recommend Carol because it really worked for me!”
Scott K


“For 2 years I had really wanted to start my own consulting business but didn’t have the confidence to make the transition. Using Hypnotherapy and Coaching, Carol showed me how to set my goals for my business and work toward them. Hypnotherapy helped me let go of my fears and overcome my procrastination. Thanks for your help. I would certainly recommend Carol to my corporate friends and clients”.

Matt W

Weight Management

“I  just wanted to say thanks to Carol. I have always struggled with my weight, but once I went through menopause, I completely lost control over my body. I could not control my sugar cravings and developed a huge appetite for food. As a result I gained a lot of weight and felt awful about myself. Hypnotherapy is the only thing I have done that helped me not only lose weight, but to maintain it. Also, really helped with my menopause symptoms. Thank you, Carol. I have recommended you to many of my friends.”
Emily B

“I just want to thank you for your help during the past year. With your help I have lost weight and kept it off over with no problem.
My confidence and self-esteem are improving beyond anything I could have wished for – at long last I am in control of my life and have the confidence to do what I want.
My relationship with my husband has really seen the benefits. I wish I had visited you sooner. Thanks again Carol!
Charlotte J

Anxiety & Stress

“Hypnosis in the best relaxation tool I have ever found. I have practiced meditation, I’ve done yoga and Tai Chi, and I have many books and relaxation CDs, but none of these has worked as well for me as hypnosis. Thank you, Carol, for teaching me the skills of Self-hypnosis and Self-Inquiry”.
Alexis K

“I'm no longer waking up in the morning with a feeling of dread. For the first time in my life I'm consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day. What a fantastic gift you've given me. I'm experiencing so much more happiness and joy from just one session with you. You're so friendly and professional! I'm so grateful that our paths crossed.”

Jasmine W

“I never knew what being relaxed truly felt like before our sessions. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I’m always talking about my Hypnotherapy experiences to my friends and would happily recommend Carol.”

Steve R

Clearing Negative Beliefs / Subconscious Programming

 “I wish I had discovered hypnotherapy earlier in life. All my life I have struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety. I’ve seen many therapists for most of my adult life and even though I have made good progress, I could never get to the point where I would feel inner peace. 
After my Hypnotherapy sessions with Carol, I have finally reached a place of inner-peace, self-acceptance, self-love, and a positive mindset. My negative self-talk is almost gone and I now have the new techniques and skills of Self -Inquiry to handle my life. Hypnotherapy, and Self-Inquiry skills have been the most positive and the most empowering experiences in my life. Thank you”.
Tom R

“I went to Carol to get help clearing my negative thought patterns. I had suffered from chronic anxiety for most of my life. The sessions were very helpful and gentle. Carol is professional, warm, genuine, and results oriented. The Hypnotherapy exercises were simple and very effective in changing my subconscious patterns. I have no hesitation in recommending Carol and her services and I will definitely be back if the need arises.”

Kristy C


“I am so glad my GP suggested I try hypnosis. I have been struggling with IBS issues all my life, but the last 10 years were just a nightmare. I got to the point I was afraid to leave the house because I was either constipated or had  diarrhea and I was always bloated and in pain. I could barely work and I did not have any social life, because I never knew when I would need to use the bathroom and I was often in chronic pain (either from gas or from constipation). I was afraid to eat because even foods I thought were safe for me were causing problems. I felt hopeless and depressed. 
When I met Carol I immediately felt at ease. I felt comfortable with her and I trusted she knew what she was doing. She was very professional and she understood IBS very well –  having experienced IBS herself for over a decade. I felt comfortable talking with her about disgusting things like my bowel and bathroom habits. I was still concerned that I would not be able to relax enough to get hypnotised, but it was not the case at all. I actually relaxed very quickly. 

I was surprised that, as we were going through the session, I was able to stop my stomach from churning and stop feeling abdominal pain just by imagining what Carol was describing to me. I loved the image of a river slowly rolling down, down, down, … Carol was using her words very deliberately – everything she was telling me had a meaning. When the session was over, I knew that Hypnotherapy would be the solution to my IBS. Thank you again, so much. I purchased her IBS Audio Hypnosis mp4 and used it every day. I have recommended my friend for your next training course on IBS.”
Fiona S


“I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Carol, as I suffer from depression and anxiety, and have tried numerous medications, which never worked very well, and after a few months my dosage was always being increased. Carol taught me techniques I can and do use when I can feel depressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

I have always found it very difficult to talk about my issues, but with Carol it just seemed much easier, her calm manner helps a lot as does the fact that I know whatever I tell her is confidential. He taught me how to do Self-Inquiry. This changed my life! Forever grateful!”
Jack B


“I decided to do hypnotherapy with Carol because I had been struggling with insomnia for over 10 years. No matter how tired I was, I could not fall asleep without high doses of sleeping pills. Ever since I saw Carol last year,  I have been sleeping all night without any medications. Thanks!”

Elle D


Frequency Therapy

" I listened to your Frequency Meditation mp3 you sent me through email, and wow!! I sat down this morning with my Healy to give it a go and loved it! Your voice is so soothing, and calming, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed! After it I felt like I had slept for hours and felt totally refreshed. I was so relaxed! My body felt lighter and so good. I will be listening to it every day as I run my Healy device. Thanks Carol!
Sarah W

“I hired a Healy device from Carol and she suggested starting with the more gentle Gold cycle programs. I felt the effects almost immediately after running my first two programs. My depression lifted after a couple of days, and I felt a lot calmer, and happier. I also have been running Sleep programs and I have been sleeping much better. 
During the more recent Covid restrictions I started to use the Mental Balance programs and have noticed after using the Contentment System program, that my addictive tendencies have been greatly reduced. I also used the Well-being Soul program which has also made a difference, and I feel calmer and less compulsive in my behaviour due to suffering from ADHD. Thanks Carol, and Healy. I cant wait until my own Healy arrives in a few weeks.”
Sue M

“I have been going through menopause for the past two years and experiencing mostly hot flushes, weight gain and sleep problems. A friend suggested I try Frequency Therapy, and so I hired a Healy device as I wasn’t prepared to try HRT. I have had three Frequency Therapy and Hypnotherapy sessions with Carol and I have been running several programs for the past 4 weeks and am happy to report that  my symptoms are definitely decreasing. I run Hormones, Menopause and Hormonal Balance programs. Thank you, Carol ,and this amazing little device!”
Wendy F


10 Services

Initial Hypnotherapy

1hr 30min
Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online Meditation Counselling Psychotherapy Women's Health Men's Health Children's Health Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Relationship Counselling
$200 Per session

Hypnotherapy gives you easy access to your subconscious mind, and the tools and techniques you need to make permanent changes in your life. Our energy, our attention, our focus gets pulled, distracted constantly by our inner world, of thoughts, emotions,

Standard Hypnotherapy

1hr 15min
Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online Meditation Counselling Psychotherapy Women's Health Men's Health Children's Health Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Relationship Counselling
$150 Per session

Hypnotherapy makes the unconscious, conscious. Daily practice of meditation and hypnotherapy, allows you to access your awareness, stillness, inner peace and have a clearer focus in the direction you want your consciousness to go. Hypnotherapy allows you

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  • Certificate IV In Training and Assessment (TAE40110 To TAE40116 Upgrade)
  • Advanced Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma of Business Management

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