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Essence Counselling & Art Therapy

Carolyn Dunbar

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Do you want to feel better, bring more meaning into your life or your child's life?

I am a qualified counsellor and transpersonal art therapist and work with children and adults.

Essence Counselling & Art Therapy

Creative Expression

Counselling sessions using creativity may take a variety of forms such as meditation, art making and writing. Creativity offers you a unique way of expression, bringing into your consciousness experiences that have become encoded in the mind in the form of images.

The expression of your creativity can help give you a clearer insight into your life, promoting your healing, wellness and realisation. This can help move you toward the true nature of who you are and who you wish to be.

The emphasis is not on the quality of the art but the process and understanding that comes from the experience. You may elect to do the deep process work in sessions with me without the art expression.

Counselling for Adults

Do you feel that you would like to change the pain you carry? Are you suffering from grief, anxiety,
depression or despair, or feeling angry or worried about life?

This work is profound and healing.

By exploring your feelings, thoughts and inner world with me you can express a deeper awareness and begin your healing. Increased clarity and meaning can empower you, moving you toward a higher level of functioning where you are able to realise your unique potential. You can move forward in your life with hope and the resources to assist your growth and inner journey.

Healing & Nurturing Children

Before becoming a counsellor I was a teacher for 35 years. I have had extensive experience working with children from the age of 3 to 12 years and I am acutely aware of the importance of their emotional support. I believe that children are unique, born with their own potential to flourish.

The difficulties that life presents them can sometimes cause much pain and emotional anguish. Children often express their deep emotional turmoil with anger, anxiety, sleeplessness or fear. From my experience I know that using art as therapy can give children the support and opportunity to externalise their internal stress.

The experience of expression in clay, collage, painting or chalk pastels, can gently bring children insight, assisting them in verbalising how they are feeling and what is happening in their lives.

Through working one-on-one with me children have the opportunity to begin to regain their confidence, let go of their fears, and to improve their emotional wellbeing.


Workshops are run for small groups and include guided meditation, artwork using clay, chalk pastels
or paint, writing and group discussion.

Working in a group setting can be a powerful experience providing the space for individual understanding and realisation, while giving each person the opportunity to verbalise their experience.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the group.

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