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Carolyn Musgrave Healing & Coaching

Carolyn Musgrave

Bronte NSW 2024

Servicing area: Bronte and Bondi Junction

Carolyn Musgrave Healing & Coaching

Energy Healing, Belief Changing, Manifesting Abundance, Meditation, Life Coaching, Counselling, Clearing Emotional Wounding/Trauma, Stress Management, Genome, Serenity and Theta Healing

Carolyn Musgrave - Healing & Coaching

With extensive experience facilitating people's personal growth and transformational change, Carolyn has a wide variety of training and expertise in energy healing, coaching and spiritual development.

As both a Healer, Coach and as a Psychologist, Carolyn facilitates reaching your optimal self, enhancing your most positive and creative aspects, getting on purpose and managing life more creatively and abundantly.

Carolyn will help you to clear fear-based beliefs which are limiting you from reaching your fullest potential. She will assist you to release energy blockages, heal and clear emotional wounding; even trauma, release stress, enabling you to then manifest the flow of abundance and joy in your life. Read More>

Carolyn's Techniques:

  • Reiki;

  • Theta Healing;

  • Serenity Healing;

  • Coaching;

  • Genome Healing;

  • Theta Healing;

  • Meditation;

  • Counselling; 

  • Psychotherapeutic skills; and

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy Read More>

Work With Carolyn:

  • Energy Healing;

  • Belief Healing & Emotional Healing;

  • Soul Healing; and

  • Chakra Healing Read More>


“I honestly can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been touched by Carolyn's abilities.... "
Kim Herbert-Jones Read More>

"At one of the most difficult times of my life, Carolyn helped me gain immediate clarity... "
Alison Collins

“Carolyn has been the most transformational influence in my life to date..."
Michelle Capper-Fay Read More>

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