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Castle Hill Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture was founded by Dr Ellen Zhao at 2014. We are specialised in treating various health issues using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Chinese Herb Prescription, Acupuncture, Cupping and Bleeding Needling etc. The TCM treatments can be very pleasant even enjoyable for the patients. In our clinic every patient will accept the most suitable treatment based on his/her health conditions and preferences. For example, we have developed Chinese herb teabag formula for various health issues and micro-needles in the acupuncture treatments, which are very easy to be taken even for a kid. We aim to treat all the diseases of patients using the methods they can accept. In the last ten years, We have helped more than 500 patients. Most of them come to see us following the recommendations from their friends, relatives, colleagues and classmates etc. We are proud of our reputation in their communities. About the Doctor Dr Ellen Zhao is a senior medical practitioner specialised in treating various health issues using Traditional Chinese Medicine. She got her first bachelor degree in Western Medicine in China Medicine University and her second bachelor and Master degree in Chinese Medicine in Western Sydney University. She has worked in the big medical university and hospitals for 15 years in China and in physiotherapy clinic for 5 years in Australia. She is also one of the first registered practitioners of Chinese Medicine Board. After many years’ training and practice in both Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine, Dr Ellen Zhao formed her own unique treatment philosophy and methodology. She can thus make an accurate diagnosis and maximise the power of various TCM treatments methods, which is impossible for most of other Chinese medicine practitioners.

Castle Hill Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is one of the most effective methods in treating various health problems and the key component of traditional Chinese medicine. It normally involves the insertion of fine, sterile acupuncture needles into specific sites/acupuncture points on the body. According to Chinese Medicine theory, human body is a complex system with channel networks linking organs. The ancient classic, Nei Jing states: the function of the channel is to transport the Chi and blood and circulate yin and yang to nourish the body. Acupuncture regulates the flow of Chi and blood through the channels, harmonises the exchanges between the organs and the tissues, expels external pathogens and restores the balance of yin and yang in the body.


Cupping is a classic Chinese Medicine treatment method which can help to promote the circulation and eliminate toxins from the body. During the treatment, Air is drawn out of the glass cups to create a vacuum when placed on the skin. The cups can be placed over dedicated acupuncture points, and/or on painful areas or knots. It is particularly usefully when the Chi is blocked at certain points or when it needs to be drawn out to the surface from deeper muscles. Cupping is commonly used in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment, although may be used alone for those with an aversion to needles. The cupping is effective, particularly in the musculoskeletal pain.

Bleeding needling

Bleeding needling is a specific treatment technique of acupuncture. It involves piercing a vein or small artery at the tip of the body-finger tips, toes, or top of the ears. According to TCM theory, a few drops of blood let out from one or more peripheral points by quickly stabbing the skin with a lance can significantly dredge the channels and collaterals. It can be very effective for treating heart diseases, hypertension and all hot conditions. To some patients, the treatment process of bleeding needling may seem strange and a little bit scary. We will thoroughly explain the procedure to the patient before the treatment and conduct it in the most professional and safe way.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine prescriptions are individualised and cater for all diseases and illnesses. A typical formula or prescription is made up of 8 or more herbs that are specifically matched to treat the patient’s individual health problems. Formulas are prescribed in such a way to eliminate any toxicity that may occur and to maximise treatment outcomes for patients. Traditionally prescriptions are given to patients as raw herbs; this service is available to you if you would like to experience the “traditional” way of taking herbs. You may also take the herbs in the forms of pearl, capsule, powder and teabag, which are particularly helpful for those who are busy or dislike the taste of herbs.

Herb Teabag

Recently we developed a new form of herb medicine treatment - Herb Teabag. It normally consists of four or five traditional Chinese medicine herbs and the total amount of each dose is about 2-3 grams. You can simply put the herb teabag into a cup of water and take it as tea or coffee. The treatment mechanism behind the herb teabag medicine is to focus on the overall body condition, to restore the physiological functions of the human body, and to balance the pathological regulation. The herb teabag is suitable for various illnesses from common cold to serious cancers. It can also be used for the purpose of heath care and preventing potential illness

Real Cases 

Case One

Initial consultation: 02/12/2016

The patient (female, 13 years old) has severe facial acne and the situation has worsened significantly over the past six months. Other symptoms and signs were menstrual pain, cold hands and feet, and easy to irritate. After eating our herb tea bags for only two weeks, her mother returned to our clinic to let us know that all the acne had been solved. After continually taking another 2 weeks of herbs, her hands and feet become warm and her period are not painful anymore. Her mother said she could concentrate on her school work and become much happier. After hearing her story, many of her same school's boys and girls who suffer from acne come to see us and accept satisfying treatments

Case Two

Initial consultation: 25/02/2017

The patient (male, 59 years old) has suffered from dizziness, tonsil pain, and more than 10 years' trigeminal pain. In the last 3 months, his trigeminal neuralgia seriously affects his sleep and normal work. He lost two teeth and has to take 5 medicines per day. Furthermore, he has to sleep on the bed with a 30-degree angle more than 20 years, otherwise the food will flow back into the mouth in the morning because of stomach reflux. After 2 months treatment, the symptoms of dizziness, tonsil pain, trigerinal pain disappeared, and his complexion had improved significantly. After 6 months of treatment, the problem of stomach reflux was resolved.

Case Three

Initial consultation: 28/10/2017

The patient (female, 49 years old) had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Her liver ultrasound report showed a solid hyperechoic lesion in 2 segments with a size of 6 x 3.4 x 5.4 cm, which seems like a cancer scar. After 7 months' treatments of acupuncture and herbs teabag, she haematology and urine results were all normal and the tumor did not grow anymore. Now she comes to see us every week and takes herb every day to consolidate the conditions.

Case Four

Initial consultation: 29/09/2018

The patient (female, 29 years old) has hypothyroidism problem. In the past six months, she developed the following symptoms: severe fatigue, cold tolerance, and severe sleepiness. Her blood tests showed TSH: 76 mTU / L (normal range 0.5-4.0), FT4: 5.2 pmol / L (normal range: 10-20), FT3: 3.0 pmol / L (normal range 3.5-6.0). After 11 weeks' treatment, the patient felt that her energy returned to normal; her skin color and spirit was was good; and all signs of blood loss disappeared. The latest medical report showed TSH: 2.3mTU / L, FT4: 14 pmol / L, FT3: 4.8pmol / L. Even her general practitioner is very happy with these results.

Case Five

Initial consultation: 26/06/2019

The patient (female, 69 years old) had left chest pain from a rib fracture caused by bone osteogenesis 9 months ago. She came to see us following her colleague's recommendation. She couldn't fall asleep because of left chest pain. She felt extremely drowsy, headache, sleepy during the day, and was difficult to concentrate. Therefore, her energy is extremely low and can not work. She cannot take Western Medicine, so she decided to try TCM. After taking only two weeks of powdered herbs and three times acupuncture treatments, her chest pain completely disappeared. Further treatments are still going on to completely solve her osteophoresis problem.

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