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Psycho Emotional Employee Assistance Services (PEAS)

Catherine Pourreau

Ka-Sa Crystal Healing
125 Edgevale Rd
Kew VIC 3101

Servicing area: Inner East Suburbs

Psycho Emotional Employee Assistance Services (PEAS)



Healing Modalities

Holistic counselling / Art therapy (NDIS registered provider)

A health crisis indicates where the mind/body system needs adjusting. Since physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues impact each other, I generally work with you holistically - addressing several levels simultaneously (i.e. physically/somatically, psychologically & energetically), to bring clarity and help to restore balance and coherence in the system as a whole.  - Call me for more info on 0400 905 750

Holistic Counseling or Art Therapy is offered as:

    • Individual private sessions
    • Distant mentoring via Skype



Cranial-sacral therapy


60 mins $125 (individual sessions)

Light touch therapy for improvement (or health maintenance) of acute or chronic conditions - physical injuries, pain (including neck & back pain), migraine, stress-related health issues, immune & hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, or the impact of trauma. Several sessions are often necessary for long-lasting effects. First session leasts 1hr and a half.

Somato-emotional release / energy rebalancing


1 hr 30 mins $175 (individual sessions)

Light touch therapy to release blocked emotions from within the physical body that prevent optimal functioning, vitality and inner peace. Used most effectively for recovery from any recent or long-held emotional trauma. Several sessions may be necessary. First session 1hr and a half.

Distance healing/coaching - Skype


1 hr $85 (individual sessions)

Distance work is a practical option for people who prefer to stay at home, live far away or require additional privacy.

Mentoring / Coaching


1 hr 30 mins $175 (individual sessions)

Facilitated deep personal inquiry and integration work to shift deep-seated emotional blockages and reconnect mind and body for increased presence, authenticity, clarity and overall performance.

Mindfullness/Peak Performance


1 hr $175 (individual sessions)

This in-depth training looks at developing awareness both internally and externally. It requires self-discipline and a willingness to change lifestyle and or diet in order to optimise performance.

Mind/Body Integration - 5wks min.


1 hr $160 (individual sessions)

Facilitated personal inquiry, exploration & integration to increase self-awareness and mind/body connection, & shift psycho-emotional blockages, for increased presence, authenticity, clarity & overall performance. 

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Accredited Counselling Psychotherapist (ACA / NDIS registered), Transpersonal Art Therapist and Cranial- sacral Therapist (Upledger).

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