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Character Care

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What One’s Mind Creates, One’s Character Can Control

Character Care

Focus areas

Emotional intelligence Loss Growth Anxiety Grief Stress Management

People we care for:

Primary school and adolescents aged 4-17 years of age

Key Areas:

  • Confidence and anxiety issues

  • Building Character through hardship (divorce, grief and loss)

  • Behavioural problems

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence


Key Areas

  • Relationships

  • Stress, Work Life Balance

  • Self-esteem and Confidence Issues

  • Family Therapy

  • Supporting and Strengthening the Parenting Unit


Key Areas

  • Teachers and Education Clusters

  • Allied Health Professionals

  • Workplace Bullying and Group Dynamics

  • Approach Maintenance, Development and Enhancement

  • Team Morale and Building

  • Leadership Skills and Confidence

How We Care

While we engage with 21st century understandings to deal with 21st century issues, we value classic ideals and beliefs regarding humanistic approaches. We strive to deliberately build resilience, confidence, and self-esteem in a collaborative manner. Our team consists of psychologists, counsellors, and Character Coaches all who are passionate about building character in others.

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Character Care offers a variety of unique hospitable psychotherapeutic services including counselling and psychology (child, development and educational) for school children, adolescents and adults.

Character Care Program

Inspired by our big brother company’s work, Character Builders, we have designed a 7 and 10 session programs comprising of both individual, group and interactive sessions aiming to establish a long term support network and extrapolate themes of character enhancement.

Couples and Family Therapy

We offer couples and family therapy, both with psychologists and counsellors. We aim to provide support to couples and families in whatever capacity is required by those wishing to use the service.

Reflecting Teams Therapy

Reflecting teams therapy is a unique way of having therapeutic conversations. Reflecting Teams will collaborate with you to gain multiple perspectives to your presenting concerns. This safe and inviting process is available for individual, couples, and family therapy upon request.

Opportunities for Group Interactive Experiences

Another program inspired by our big brother Character Builders, we offer group experiences. We challenge you to push your boundaries in a safe environment and amongst peers. Our interactive experiences have proven to be highly beneficial for social and emotional learning to combat a variety of presenting issues.

Character Coaching

Similar to gyms having a timetable of physical activities, Character Care has scheduled Character Coaching sessions. Each session has a unique activity which are inspired by positive outcomes and results experienced by Character Builders work, we have carefully designed Character Coaching for a more relaxed and interactive means of self-discovery.

Professional Supervision

Our counsellors and psychologists are trained to provide professional supervision to the mental health industry. Our professional supervision is not limited to the mental health professions. We can also provide supervision to variety of fields and services.

Professional Development

Our expertise resides in the field of education and mental health, however, our resources allows us to engage in a variety of disciplines. Our unique experience enables workers to understand their character within their role and to develop best practice for their field.

About Us

Character Care was spawned from our big brother organisation Character Builders, which is a vibrant consultancy offering a wide range of programs, experiences, and activities aimed at developing confidence, respect and self-esteem.

Character Group Encompasses:

  • The past, present, and the future

  • Service

  • People

  • Positive interactions and relationships

  • Team work

  • The diversity of the wide range of cultures and heritage in Australia

  • Personal responsibility and accountability

Character Care’s service delivery has roots from the Character Builders’ philosophy which encourages a sense of knowing one’s own story, together with taking intentional steps to understand other’s. Character Care provides a unique hospitable experience for service users. We believe each individual has the appropriate skills within them to develop and live out their sense of character. Our goal is to translate these philosophies into a therapeutic context geared towards individual character enhancement in both individual and group therapy settings.

Our Mission:

Character Care is a vibrant support network, passionate about mental health care, character development, and personal growth.

Our philosophies:

  • What one’s mind creates, one’s character can control

  • Enhance confidence, respect and self-esteem: We all need to give ourselves permission to be ourselves

  • Engage in service to others: to find yourself, first you must lose yourself in the service of others

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