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With Chi Essentials massage there is no rushing to get to an appointment, then having to fight the traffic home again – let us come to you! Feel your body relax and your mind drift as our skilled therapists massage you in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Indulge with this luxurious experience and treat yourself to a 60 minute massage in the privacy of your own home. Our fully trained therapists arrive with all necessary equipment and with our nurturing and compassionate approach you can look forward to feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and balanced. ARMED FORCES VETERANS AND AGED PENSIONERS 50% DISCOUNT FOR LIFE ON PRESENTATION OF YOUR SERVICE PENSION/PENSION CARDS

Chi Essentials Mobile Massage

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20 Km from Holden Hill

Focus areas

Tight muscles Relaxation Joy Circulation Headaches Hormones

Adelaide's Deep Tissue Massage

A massage session is very relaxing and has been proven to lower cortisol, the stress hormones. Massage reduces blood pressure, and helps you in getting a better sleep. Stress gives rise to headaches and various muscular pains. Massage relaxes muscles, and is helpful in easing muscular aches and pains. Massage releases endorphins which fills you with a feeling of well-being and confidence. The efficacy of massage can be judged from the fact it is known to be even more effective than social support from a partner.

The specialised Raynor Massage Therapy is a deep tissue massage designed to find and eliminate all tension from the body. Drawing on Eastern understandings of the body the massage is designed to unblock any blockages in the flow of the body's energy and muscles to leave the person balanced and tension free. As a natural result of this, the muscles relax and the body readjusts itself into its natural posture.

It is excellent when used to reduce stress and to reduce anxiety and in ongoing stress management and anxiety management.

If you suffer from insomnia and can't switch off at nights, Raynor Massage can help by removing the tension from your muscles, allowing you mind to switch off and for you to get a good night's sleep.

If you suffer tension headaches, painful and tight muscles, sports injury or general muscular aches and pains then Raynor Massage may be the solution for you. Raynor massage has been effectively used in alleviating symptoms of ADHD and for moderating teenage tantrums.

Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - it can also assist in the recovery from anxiety and depression.

If you suffer from panic attacks and are sometimes overwhelmed by anxiety then Raynor Massage can help by teaching your body that it can relax and helping you experience full relaxation and by getting rid of deep set tension. Please see the Anxiety page for more details.

Raynor Massage is a highly effective treatment that gets to the source of your muscular tension and then works at a very deep level. It is one of the leading massage therapies in the Southern Hemisphere and is growing in its popularity in the Northern hemisphere as more therapists are trained. It takes the best from a range of massage theories including
Lomi Lomi
but rather than having set strokes or being based on a massage formula, it works on a very individual basis. Raynor Therapists are taught to find muscular tension in the body and then to elimiate it.
* Please note - full body massage excludes all private areas of the body.


Relaxation / Swedish massage
Relaxation / Swedish massage utilizes a firm pressure on the muscles. It involves employing a series of long yet gliding strokes. In this technique the massage therapist also kneads the muscles and makes some vibrating taps on the body. The therapists concentrate on improving the blood circulation, easing the tension in the body's muscles and improving the muscles' flexibility.

1 hour relaxation massage $80.00
1.5 hour relaxation massage $100.00

Deep Tissue massage
Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that aims at affecting the deeper tissue structure of the muscles. It also affects the connective tissue, known as fascia. It utilizes a large number of similar techniques and movements as the Swedish massage, but the movements tend to have much more pressure. The deep tissue massage is a more focused massage. During it the massage therapist tends to concentrate on releasing specific chronic muscle tension as well as the muscular knots, or adhesions.

1 hour Deep tissue massage $80.00
1.5 hours Deep tissue massage $100.00

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change in the body.

30 minutes $50.00

Seated / Corporate massage
$1.00 per minute (Minimum 15 minutes)

What To Expect

How should I prepare for my massage?

We recommend that you take no aspirin, pain killers, or alcohol on the day of the appointment. To receive bodywork, you can dress down to your comfort level; however, the more clothing you have on, the less soft tissue we will be able to affect. We will arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to enable you to fill out a necessary intake form and to get acquainted with your therapist. At Chi Essentials, we provide you with the best massage experience we believe you deserve. Here are some of the things you can expect from us.

    • Our therapists are pleasant and well-trained in various massage techniques.
    • You receive the time on the table that you have purchased. In other words, your time does not start until the therapist begins the session. However, because of our time commitments to other clients, this can only be achieved if you are ready to commence when we arrive for your appointment.
    • A sheet and blanket are always provided to respect your modesty and maintain professionalism.
    • During your treatment, our touch can be as light or as deep as you feel is necessary. During the first session, however, we like to give a firm but gentle touch to allow your body to process the bodywork.
    • We can focus on any area of discomfort or do a full body massage, which will include your back, legs, arms, and neck. Always tell the therapist if the pressure needs to be adjusted, or if more time is needed at a specific area of discomfort.

What can I expect after a massage?
You may feel like you're floating or a little lightheaded. In the world of massage, this is normal and known as "massage head." Some refer to it as feeling "spongy" or "fluffy."

Give yourself 5 to 15 minutes to recover. Drink some water and enjoy the moment.
After your massage you may experience a little soreness, so be sure you drink plenty of water for the next day or two.

What is Raynor Massage?

Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. It covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the subtle energy systems of the body.

Raynor massage is not performed as a routine massage, although we do have particular techniques, stretches & adjustments that we have developed. Instead, the goal of Raynor massage is to find any residual tightness or blockage in the body & get rid of it. Whatever technique we plan to use, we must always evaluate it against this goal. "Is this move that I am doing helping to get rid of the person tension or not?" is a question that should always be asked.

Residual tension means tension that is in the person's body when the body is resting, for example on a massage table. In other words if a person has muscle tightness in an area when they aren't using that area this is what we can residual tension and our goal is to get rid of this tension.

Another important concept of Raynor massage is that the source of some of the residual tension in the body can be from emotional or stress related reasons. We believe in the well accepted Eastern medical theories that the physical body is a gross manifestation of a subtle body composed of life force and emotions and other subtle energies. We refer to this life force as chi or prana. A blockage or disruption in the flow of chi or prana will cause an area of the physical body to become tight, blocked or forced out of position in the case of the bones.

We also believe that the body is one holistic organism and we don't believe that dealing with one part in isolation is as effective as dealing with the whole person. So, in this way we recognize that one part of the body may be tight but that area is being held tight by another area which could then also be held tight by another area again. We also recognize that the subtle body of emotions and the gross physical body are related and so we see that some tension may not be released in the body unless the corresponding emotion is also released. In this way we work holistically not just with our massage techniques but also with our rhythms. We encourage our clients to breathe deeply into their bellies during the treatment and to allow any emotions out that need to come out and to not hold them back.

Raynor massage has some of its origins in Eastern forms of massage like shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, eastern chiropractic work, Lomi Lomi and yoga breathe work. However, we have integrated and evolved these techniques to fit in with our simple philosophy of finding every bit of tension in the body and getting rid of it.

We have emphasized certain extremely important parts of the body that are often neglected by traditional massage therapists, such as the abdomen, the sacrum, the hips and the feet, hands and head. These areas tend to hold a lot of stagnation and blockage of the life force and freeing them up will generally have a great benefit not just to the areas concerned but to the whole being.

Raynor massage is generally recognized as one of the most powerful and effective forms of massage therapy today. It goes well beyond the realm of what most people consider to be the confines of a massage treatment.

Although Raynor massage uses knowledge gained from traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Hawaiian medicine amongst others we don't let one particular philosophy dictate how we should treat. We learn their techniques but then we rely on our own senses to diagnose a situation and a client's condition.

For some people, good massage may be very uncomfortable if they aren't used to it. Then as their healing crisis finishes their body should feel a lot better, have more mobility and a general feeling of being more relaxed should ensue. The word "relax" actually means to bring back to a state of looseness. "Re" means to bring back to and "lax" means loose. So Raynor massage is actually a form of deep relaxation massage.

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