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Chi Harmony - Northern Beaches Acupuncture & Laser BioTherapy Centre

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Chi Harmony - Northern Beaches Acupuncture & Laser BioTherapy Centre
Pain, Women's Health, Poor Digestion, Musculoskeletal, Stress, Insomnia, Low Energy, Headaches, Post-operative Recovery, Wellbeing

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About Us

My name is Elvira. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner and a Qigong teacher, I am committed to your health and wellbeing, and here to offer you my knowledge and experience of health and healing drawn from Chinese and Tibetan medicine, Laser Bio-medicine, Qigong practice, meditation and life itself.

I invite you to get well with Acupuncture and through self-healing exercises of Qigong.

About Elvira

Elvira is a qualified Acupuncturist and is passionate about helping clients achieve optimum health and wellbeing through modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She provides gentle and relaxing treatments with focus on quality of life through three stages – treatment, maintenance and prevention.

Elvira has special interest in pain relief and management, muscular-skeletal problems, chronic disease support, stress-related conditions and facial rejuvenation. The following are the most common treatments that she has been providing:
  • Pain - neck, back, shoulders, etc.
  • Stress Relief, Low Energy, Tiredness, Insomnia
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Facial Rejuvenation - muscle pain & numbness, facial paralysis, tightness & pain of jaw, improvement of tired skin and wrinkles
  • Cancer Treatments Support - boost immunity, improve wellbeing and symptom relief through chemotherapy/radiotherapy and after
Elvira has been studying traditional Chinese health practices since 2003. She is dedicated to continuing professional education and is passionate to provide her clients with dedicated, caring and understanding services. While she utilises acupuncture treatments to help the clients fulfil their hopes to achieve better health, she also provides life style advice to empower the clients with knowledge on healthy living. Chinese Medicine focuses on the whole person and not the pathology alone. Therefore, the client’s diet, work/rest/exercise/sleep habits are discussed to determine what he or she are already doing well and what can be enhanced to allow for the best opportunity of healing.

Elvira has had 11 years of a corporate career. This experience and understanding contributed to her commitment to understanding stress well and know how to best work with clients to help them with stress-induced conditions.

Elvira’s qualifications include Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture, Weight Loss Practitioner’s Diploma, Bachelor of Education English, Certificate IV in Life Coaching, Certificate III in Fitness - Group Exercise, Chinese Qigong Exercise Teacher and currently pursuing studies in Low Level Laser therapy. Elvira successfully completed a 3 month study and clinical internship at China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, and has undertaken studies with prominent acupuncturists of Australia and from abroad.

She is very happy to discuss your health concerns with you.
My Qualifications
  • Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture - Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
  • Certificate Advanced Course of Acupuncture - Beijing, China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Centre, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
  • Weight Loss Practitioner 's Diploma - University of Sydney
  • Qigong Teacher Certificate - Tiandi Qigong, Sydney
  • Group Exercise Instructor, Certificate III in Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness, Sydney
  • Life Coaching, Certificate IV - Life Coaching Institute
  • Bachelor of Education, English, Russia

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