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Sarah Tooke Childbirth & Parenting Education

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As a mother & a midwife, I understand all too well how overwhelming and daunting the thought of pregnancy, birth and parenting can be. I truly believe that knowledge is power. I aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to embark on this journey and to eliminate some of the high levels of fear that surround childbirth.

Sarah Tooke Childbirth & Parenting Education

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Fears Pregnancy support Anxiety Anger Postnatal support Postnatal depression

About Me

I am registered nurse, midwife, childbirth educator & married mum to two boys. In addition to my work as a delivery suite and post-natal midwife, I have a keen interest in childbirth and parenting education.

As a mother and midwife I know how overwhelming pregnancy, birth, and early parenting can be. I understand the value of quality education for pregnant women and their partners at this time.

It was my interest in this area of midwifery that prompted me to launch my business in 2012. I discovered a need for private, in-home antenatal classes that are tailored to the parents needs, delivered in a comfortable environment.

Since then I have had the pleasure of providing my service to many expectant parents. You can read their reviews here.

I truly believe that knowledge is power. I aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to embark on this journey, and to eliminate some of the fear that surrounds childbirth.

Course Outline

Private, personal, and professional antenatal education to expectant parents in the comfort of your own home.

As a practicing midwife, nurse & mother I have hands -on experience in all areas. This gives me a unique advantage in providing you with comprehensive and high-quality education.

I provide unbiased evidence-based information, to prepare you for birth and to help you make informed choices about your care – in partnership with the health professionals on your team.

By doing this, I hope to reduce any fear or anxiety you may be feeling towards the labour/birthing process and about becoming parents.

My sessions will include all the information you would receive if attending a hospital based program including:

  • Warning signs during pregnancy

  • Signs & stages of labour & when to go to hospital

  • How labour begins & induction of labour

  • Pain in labour – why we have pain & how to cope

  • Birth preferences

  • Role of the support person

  • Normal birth

  • Pharmacological analgesia available, including advantages & disadvantages for mum & baby

  • Unexpected outcomes, including instrumental birth, episiotomy & caesarean birth

  • Characteristics of the newborn

  • Tests/immunisations that are offered & community resources

  • Special care nursery & jaundice

  • Breastfeeding & expressing

  • Parental adjustment & postnatal depression

  • Nappies, wraps, SIDS & safe sleeping

  • Settling techniques & feed/sleep cycles & routines

These sessions will, however, be tailored to meet your specific needs and the content is completely flexible. The benefit of having a personalised service is that we can focus on issues that are applicable to you and your pregnancy.

Session Structure

For first time parents, 8 hours is required for quality education. These 8 hours can be structured however you like Two 4-hour sessions seem to work well.

Sessions are available for women having multiples or caesarean sections. I also offer shorter refresher sessions for second-time parents.

Discounts are offered for group bookings. If you have friends who are pregnant at the same time, it can work well to do your sessions together.

I offer my services in the day or evening during the week, and during the day on Saturdays. I cover most areas of Sydney.

Private health fund rebates are available for most funds, depending on your level of cover.

Please contact me for pricing information or to book in your antenatal childbirth & parenting education.

Postnatal Services

Imagine what the third trimester of pregnancy would be like for a baby: tightly cocooned in a warm, dark, comforting place. There are no hunger pains or thirst, no need to pass painful wind, no strange smells, no feeling the hot or cold — just a perfect environment tailor made for a baby. I’m sure you can also imagine suddenly being born into a world with of all these things can be quite a rude shock! A newborn isn’t born being able to fend for themselves and still has much developing to do – they can’t escape if they sense danger or fear, go and find mum or dad for security or a cuddle, nor can a baby chase mum for a feed whenever hunger or thirst calls… they completely rely on us for every single need. A gentle adjustment into their new world in the form of a fourth trimester (which is named that way in order to be perceived as an extension of the third trimester) can make a huge difference to how baby feels and how mum and dad cope with parenthood.

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