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Member since
Dec 2013

Christine's Bowen Service

Contact Name Christine Martin
Phone 02 9521 3169
Mobile 0417 247 788
Address 179 Bath Rd
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Lower your levels of stress - chronic or acute pain

Experience a very deep level of relaxation

Reclaim your health - Find inner peace.

Christine's Bowen Service

Welcome to the world of Bowen Therapy

My name is Christine Martin. I have been treating people with Bowen Therapy for over 22 years.

My study of Bowen is ongoing to ensure for my clients the best possible outcome and results.

I am amazed at the positive changes in the lives of my clients, whether they be only weeks old or very elderly.

How does Bowen work?

Bowen Therapy 'moves' affect the connective tissue or fascia of the body. Disturbance and interruption to this connective tissue creates dis-function, distress, and dis-ease in all other areas. This disturbance can occur for many reasons, including illness, disease, an operation, stress, dehydration to name just a few causes. For example if the fascia in the soles of the feet is tight, sticky or twisted, headaches can be the result.

Once the body has repaired its fascia, muscles relax quickly, allowing joints to realign, structures and systems to reset and rebalance, this then allows the fluids of the body to flow,

And most importantly this includes the flow of energy, or Chi in the body.

What are the results?

Overnight relief from pain is common. (A client with two slipped discs was back at work the day following his first Bowen treatment).

Many times only one treatment is needed to fell immense relief.

Each client's body has different needs, their healing timeline will be unique to them.

How is Bowen effective?

Bowen work delivers profound relief. Most acute injuries are dealt with quickly.

Chronic problems can take longer for the body to restore the balance. In all cases, the first two Bowen moves tell the body that the crisis is over, and wellness can be restored, to the best possible level for the individual.

When a client leaves my clinic, their body is still under the healing influence of Bowen. The actions of rebalancing, resetting and repairing is very long lasting.

Bowen Therapy has been proven to work for many health issues, including ;
  • Infertility
  • Symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Symptoms of Electro-Magnetic radiation poisoning
  • Migraine Headaches (in the head and stomach)
  • Golfers' and Tennis elbow Pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Jet Lag
  • Hearing Difficulties

Health Fund Rebates

Private Health Fund rebates are available for Bowen Therapy. This will, of course depend on your level of cover. Please check with your fund.

As a person who is very passionate about Bowen Therapy, I look forward to introducing your body to its amazing powers.
Call me today to book your first appointment - 0417247749 or 02 95213120.


Diploma of Bowen

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