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Circle of Friends Healing Centre

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Welcomes people of all ages to a restful healing environment where people can through personal and spiritual development experience better health and peace of mind.Offering a variety of healing modalities and programs.   For further information or bookings call Vivian Healey on 03 5176 0755

Circle of Friends Healing Centre

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Traralgon, Victoria

Focus areas

Headaches Energy blocks Space clearing Energy clearing Love Finances

Circle of Friends Healing Centre

Personal Healing Sessions || Feng Shui & Geomancy Consultations || Land Blessings/clearings || Workshops

About Your Practitioner

Vivian Healy

Vivian has completed various esoteric studies and achieved Master levels in Reiki Healing, Qi Gong Healing & Melchezidek Healing. She has also completed a Para Psychology Course . Various other courses Vivian has also touched on are Kinesiology, Shamans course, Psychic Healing , Spiritual Healing & Doren Virtues Angel Intuitive.

Vivian also believes in the importance of balancing and harmonising the home environment. She has completed a Tien Ti Master level in Chinese art of Feng Shui and Geomancy and offers consultations.

Vivians philosophy is to promote a holistic approach and help people achieve balance at every level of their being.


Vivian has many healing gifts which she blends together in her own unique and powerful way. She offers a variety of natural healing modalities that help to balance and integrate the energies of the mind, body and spirit.

For further information or booking call Vivian Healey on 03 5176 0755

A Personal Spiritual Healing session with Vivian can include and blend many of the below techniques & skills into one session according to the priority of the individual persons needs :

Reiki Healing (Master)

Gentle but powerful hands on healing by Reiki Master to bring wholeness to the person, i.e such as stress release, relief of pain, grieving, illness, reduces headaches, promotes deep relaxation, sports injuries, complements medical and other healing systems.

Qi Gone Healing (Master)

Removes and cleanses the illness of Chi, it clears the stagnant Chi out of the meridians, replenishes organs with depleted element Chi and balances Yin and Yang Chi.

Spiritual Healing

Helps life off stresses and works towards restoring and maintaining health on all levels through release of emotional blockages from the subconscious caused by past traumas, auric healing, etheric healing , chakra balancing, .

Inner Child Healing

Releasing emotional blockages from the subconscious caused by past traumas.

Post traumatic Stress

Release of shock factors from the subconscious caused by past traumas. clearing accident recall

Melchezidek Healing

Use of holograms of love to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

Cut Ties & Cords

To release emotions that are draining ones energy from previous situations, from other peoples energy involved, or any cords that are impacting on ones physical health
& wellbeing helps clear emotional attachments in all directions of time , great for clearing old relationship ties

Tibetan Energy Healing

Clears the energy pathways. Benefits are relief of pain, release of emotional blockages, reduction in swelling, more vitality, improvements of function and flexibility.

Psychic healing

Clearing of psychic obstruction, either present time or past life , soul retrieval, clearing psychic attack, curse/spells

Personal Energy Clearing

Release lost souls, clearing negative energies /entities from peoples energy space

Past Life Healing

Recalling past lifes to release and clear old karmic ties

Clearing Toxins associated to -

Vaccination & Medication, Chemo, Anaesthetic ie clear negative impact of chemical toxins left in the system from the above


Clear negative impact & reactions from various allergies ie food, animals, allergens such as petrol, paint, gas, cosmetics

DISTANT HEALING Vivian also offers personal distant healing

sessions which is great if a person is unable to physically attend the centre for a session for reasons such as - distance / travel is involved , some times people live interstate, work commitments can affect one from attending during day hours , or sickness prevents one from travelling , or a person may be physically impaired etc . Upon receiving a persons details a healing session is completed energetically & a full written report is sent to the client. Vivian works on many people far and wide around Australia and overseas in this way & is well known for this type of work.

FENG SHUI & GEOMANCY (Tien Ti Feng Shui Master)

(For both Homes and Businesses)

Feng Shui can help attract positive energy and good luck into your life in areas such as career, business, relationships, health, family, knowledge, fame and children.

A Feng Shui consultant will look at the many different elements effecting your environment how the chi energy moves around your premises, position and shape of home, direction rooms sit, shape and placement of furniture, & balance of elements of fire, wood, metal, earth and water within your home/ business . Includes calculations of the flying stars that affect your home. / business

A Consultation also includes the Geomancy of the land (which harmonises and heals unhealthy landscape energies)

For further information or booking call Vivian Healey on 03 5176 0755

Services offered during a consultation

  • Assessment of plans, buildings and land
  • Dcor of home
  • Compass directional formula
  • Flying star calculation
  • Space clearing of negative energies within the home
  • INCLUDES Geomancy of the home & Land balancing of blocked or sluggish energies such as: geomagnetic stress, ley lines, geological faults, etc. .

Reasons for Seeking a Feng Shui Consultancy

  • Improving health, finances, relationships, study or career
  • To determine the best time to start a project or business
  • Designing, building, renovating, extensions
  • Buying or selling a home or business (a feng shui home sells better)
  • Health Problems stress, sleep disorder, poor immune system which has not been helped by other therapists
  • Financially unlucky or money running through your fingers
  • Feeling uneasy in a room or building
  • Making a new start or generally wanting a positive outcome for your future.

A house that has good Feng Shui feels welcoming, comfortable, healthy and clear & supports you in all aspects of your life.
Balancing and harmonising the home environment or office helps to attract positive and vibrant energy and good luck into your life.


For further information or booking call Vivian Healey on 03 5176 0755


If you feel uncomfortable in your home, hear or see unusual things, then Vivian can cleanse your home from negative energies
Balancing and harmonising your environment from the influence of negative energies will greatly enhance and improve your health and wellbeing & attract success to your life path.

A Tien Ti Master Level Blessing is completed distantly on the house and land clearings can cover properties in Australia or anywhere in the world . Vivian has done extensive work all around Victoria, other Australian states and over seas by request from clients.

This blessing works at the highest level in energy correction and completes some Feng Shui adjustments. The blessing will leave the property radiating at a higher vibration level and also helps you align to your lifes path.

A Tien Ti Shui Blessing will include:

    1. Space Clearing
          - Clearing of all negative psychic energies

          - Clearing static psychic impressions

          - Clearing Lost souls, earthbound spirits

          - Clearing portals

        - Clearing karma from the building


  1. Geomancy Clearing which is an earth healing to harmonise unhealthy landscape energies such as geopathic stress, ley lines, underground water courses etc. When these energy lines become misaligned, broken or clogged they influence our health.


Circle of Friends Healing Centre
Contact: Vivian Healey
Address: Traralgon, Victoria 3844
Phone: 03 5176 0755


Reiki workshops are offered on a regular basis please inquire for future dates. Come and access a lifetime source of energy for yourself and others by becoming a Reiki Channel. Enhance your personal growth and wellbeing and connect deeply with your spirituality.

REIKI I is an opportunity to access a life time of energy for yourself .The 2 day workshop will enhance your spiritual development & brings personal healing to the receiver. We all have the ability to be a vehicle for healing. Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands on healing that promotes relief of pain & deep relaxation ( 2 day weekend workshop)

REIKI II is a commitment to healing yourself and others. Yours healing energy is intensified, Symbols are given for distant healing techniques, and for emotional and subconscious healing. Reiki 11 also brings empowered spiritual growth. ( 2 day weekend workshop).

TIBITAN REIKI is an advanced Reiki & is called a level of mastery & included powerful symbols & various healing techniques & brings a more therapeutic approach to Reiki healing. Pre requisite for this course is
Usui Reiki 1 & 11 ( 2 day weekend workshop).

REIKI MASTERS learn teachings that will heighten your healing ability, receive symbols that intensify your Reiki healing energy , take a step towards becoming a Reiki master of your self and your spiritual growth ( 3 day workshop of fri,sat ,sun )

Also available are Reiki workshops for young people JNR REIKI LEVELS I & II
Reiki is a simple healing method as no tools or products are required. It is a method available at short notice & everyone including children can learn to use it. It brings peaceful values, is gentle & non intrusive & it calms & soothes. Classes are available for young people 8 years & upwards & are ran during school holidays.


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that provides a framework & guide to harmonious living for the home or office. During the workshop you will receive an analysis of your qua number, understand the elements, celestial animals, & apply a bagua over your home & discover energy blocks & discuss recommendations to balance these. Feng Shui recommendations can improve health, wealth, relationships, career etc.


This is an opportunity to explore your spirituality & gain insight into your spiritual path. Covering such topics asdreams, auras, signs, past lives, spirit guides, dowsing, intuitive living, channeling etc. Spiritual growth is about empowering & shifting & expanding outwards to the universe & inwards thru opening the heart.

Courses run FebApril, & SeptNov
Duration 12 weeks, Wed evening
Time 7.3010.00ish

* NOTE a WEEKEND SPIRITUAL AWARENESS COURSE is also available for those that cant attend on a weekly basis.

* Note Jnr Spiritual Awareness Class is also available
This is an opportunity for young people to explore & question their spirituality & gain insight into their spiritual knowing. Topics covered will bring information, tools & techniques to assist them in growing more easily & positively. A 2 day workshop is offered during school holidays.


A weekend course that offers an opportunity to learn about the Shamans roles, includes meditations & exercises to enhance your Shamans perceptions, mediations to connect to your power animal , deeper connections to the elemental kingdom , practical experience by taking nature walks and learning more about connecting to the unseen worlds.

MELCHIZEDEK WORKSHOPS all courses are ran over weekends

LEVEL 1 - brings a new revolutionary new from of physical , emotional, mental & spiritual healing. Includes light body activation, holographic healing, body rejuvenation & activates ancient knowledge.

LEVEL 2 continues & introduces advancement of level 1 techniques, you will be introduced to an extraordinary array of masterful wisdom to allow participants to take an other quantum leap into their evolution .Includes amplifying the 33rd degree energies with rotational light rays. teleportation, cosmic thought patterning ,re directing elements to enhance your reality.
( level 1 & 2 are completed together as one workshop)

LEVEL 3 connects you to a more powerful merkebah , to the Kamadon Temple of love, Melchizedek elders, activates 33 charka system & 33 light body, amplifies time space continuum & works with awakening the divine higher intention of your creation

LEVEL 4 & 5 - also available


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