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Charmaine Iversen

Charmaine Iversen

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When there are energy blockages in the body, they manifest as physical symptoms. You can bring your body's natural healing process back to life by using a variety of natural healing modalities. If you’ve tried everything else but nothing worked, perhaps  Charmaine can help. Contact her now to get started!

BodyTalk Therapist & Forensic Healer

Servicing area

Baldivis, Western Australia

Focus areas

Headaches Wellbeing Energy blocks Emotional wellbeing Happiness Depression

Charmaine offers a variety of services that are aimed at improving both the mental and physical well-being of her clients.

In her years of experience, she has developed a variety of gentle yet effective natural treatments, and her methods combine:

  • Kinesiology
  • Spinal Flow
  • Forensic Healing
  • Access Consciousness
  • Theta and Pranic healing
  • Integrated Therapeutic Alignment
  • Reiki and more 

With Charmaine's help, you can create more positive thought patterns by working with the body-mind-soul connection.

She will work closely with you to identify the issues and determine a personalised treatment plan for you.

Services Offered


In Kinesiology, body imbalances and blockages are identified using gentle muscle monitoring techniques.

Through muscle monitoring and muscle testing techniques, kinesiologists can help reveal imbalances, identify the cause, and then help to resolve them. 

Charmaine's innovative methods and friendly personality make this a non-invasive and effective method of natural therapy.

Spinal Flow

As the name implies, Spinal Flow uses access points found in the sacrum and cranium. 

Through contacting and expanding these access points, Charmaine can guide you into sending more oxygen, breath, sensation, and movement into your body, which creates a healing wave of energy going into the brain through the spine and nervous system.

Forensic Healing

Just as a detective gathers evidence at a crime scene, Forensic Healers gather information about conditions. 

Through Forensic Healing, you can determine the most stressful times in your life that caused energy blockages, negative patterns, emotions, or belief systems and have been stored in the cellular memory. 

By applying the healing pathway, the energetic blocks are released, allowing the body to heal itself.

BodyTalk Therapy

In this treatment, Charmaine finds the underlying cause of your issues by using tapping and conversing with you. 

Charmaine uses gentle tapping on your head, sternum, and navel to tap into your body's innate wisdom and restore its balance.

Access Consciousness

In Access Consciousness, you learn a simple set of tools, techniques, and philosophies that empower you to make the changes you desire in your life.

Testimonials from Charmaine’s Previous Clients

“The improvements I have experienced are immense. Now my health has improved beyond both my and my doctors expectations.” - Jenny, Rockingham

“I suffered tummy problems for at least 7 years before seeing Charmaine. The pain I lived with daily is now in the past. She also treated my ongoing battle with daily headaches and monthly migraines. I lived with this pain for so long I never thought it possible that I could put it behind me & live in peace & experience such balance & happiness within myself.” - Amber, Warnbro.

“Although 18 months of professional counselling was good, the results after only a few sessions with Charmaine have been remarkable. My energy is returning & my depression has lifted. I feel great!” - Kirsty, Secret Harbour

“Charmaine has helped me immensely with letting go of old issues. I feel so much lighter within myself. But even more than my own healing, I noticed incredible differences in my daughter's emotional wellbeing after she had only one session with Charmaine.” - Diane,  Port Kennedy

Contact Charmaine today to learn more about these gentle and effective natural therapy techniques or to schedule a session!


  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Diploma In Forensic Healing
  • Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner
  • Certificate In Anatomy & Physiology (Brain)
  • Certified Applied Physiologists
  • Certificate In Advanced Acupressure
  • Certificate In Brain Integration
  • Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner
  • Certified ITA Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Theta Healer
  • Certified Advanced Pranic Healer
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Diploma of Kinesiology

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