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Find out how establishing healthy communication patterns can rekindle your love and connection.

Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Gestalt Therapist & Family Constellations Practitioner

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Marcoola & Noosa Heads QLD

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Self-confidence Mantra Love Physical pain Optimal health Wellness

Reconnecting With a Strong, Loving Relationship

Are you feeling disconnected from that one person you vowed to love and cherish for the rest of your life? Connection Counselling can help you rekindle intimacy in your relationship. 

I’m Rowan Bradley and as a psychotherapist in Marcoola QLD, I can help you handle and resolve different issues affecting your relationship and family. 

Unhealthy communication patterns don’t naturally come to us, but are developed through experience. Mastering the ability to translate your feelings into words unites the left and right hemispheres of your brain, allowing you to recognise your difference with your partner and maintain an open communication line with them.

I am keen on improving your relationship as it is the foundation of your life and wellness. Oftentimes, constant feelings of isolation and fear stem from a detached relationship with people who were supposed to take care of us back when we were children.

Reprogramming your emotional patterns will drastically improve your relationship and health on multi levels. Most importantly, it will give you the confidence to build loving relationships with your intimate partner, family, friends and yourself.

Healing Relationships for 25 Years

I have been a psychotherapist and yoga teacher for more than 25 years. I combine Eastern and Western healing practices in my relationship counselling methods with a special focus on connection.

I provide therapy for couples and individuals, conduct family constellations and energy balancing, and hold small group yoga classes, as well as workshops and retreats.

Like many stories that end in a happy ending, my personal journey through childhood, marriage and motherhood inspired me to work with couples and families as they brave the challenges of intimacy, parenting and connection. 

So, if you think you’ve reached the dead end, you couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re actually on the way to rebuilding beautiful relationships.

Yoga as a Treatment

Before my love for yoga, I trained as a psychiatric nurse. However, it was this ancient mind-body discipline that rescued me from a life-threatening disease. So, I decided to earn my Diploma in Yoga Teaching and put up my own studio where I have been teaching yoga and meditation for several years.

I incorporate mindfulness practices  into my classes to help my clients connect with their inner selves. Neuroscience research has proven this method effective in improving a person’s health and wellbeing.

I also provide counselling and energetic healing to support those who are suffering from grief, trauma and feelings of disconnection. 

Gestalt Psychotherapy for Mind-Body Connection

My desire to understand the connection between the mind and body inspired me to study Gestalt Psychotherapy and Imago Therapy. This developed in me a deep understanding of an individual’s behavioural cycle and how repeating the same patterns creates unsatisfying experiences.

Armed with this knowledge, I help individuals and couples recognise their current situation so that they can progress to accepting and making lasting changes. 

Develop Deep Love for the People in Your Life 

My training in Family Constellations also allows me to guide my clients in identifying the perplexing elements existing within their biological family and present family or relationship. This creates understanding and acceptance which in turn encourages every member in your family to freely express unconstrained love for each other.

Book an appointment and let’s go and reignite love and connection in your relationship.

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