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Conscious Connections

Poppy Manoussakis
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"I believe we have the wisdom within us and on our land, to ignite our own healing" Poppy Manoussakis

Conscious Connections

About Me

As a child, I was plagued by a mystery illness that causes me a lot of pain and I ended up in hospital with doctors unable to diagnose what was wrong with me. Through pure universal chance, I ‘bumped’ into a holistic therapist and she was able to offer me something that would turn my life around, it made me well again and my mystery illness never came back.

This kickstarted a fascination with the human body and specifically what we feed our body and emotions. I noticed how eating different foods at certain times affected my mood, body posture, reactions and thoughts.

Following intensive study and research on Health and Ancestral diets, I found a passion for healing and wellbeing that would change my life. I began this journey over 15 years ago and now with two children, one with autism (for now) this made me research the healing of the abilities of the body even further. It is my main goal to recover my son from Autism and bring him back to an optimal healthy state.

In helping my son, I also realised I wanted to be able to help others to achieve balance in their lives. I firmly believe that maintaining a healthy perspective on what life deals to you, you will have a positive effect on your body and your mind.

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