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Core Strength Health & Wellness

Tracey Visser

Shop 4, Tower Arcade
222 Maude St
Shepparton VIC 3630

Servicing area: Greater Shepparton & Surrounding Areas

Core Strength Health & Wellness

Be Fit & Stronger Faster:

Discover how our revolutionary Powertone + Pilates System by Shapemaster can get you in shape quicker.

Powertone + Pilates System by Shapemaster

Why You Should Choose Core Strength Health & Wellness

Get your body into shape fast with the Powertone + Pilates System by Shapemaster that has been taking the UK & Europe by storm.

As your luck would have it, it’s now available in Shepparton, Victoria with our new Studio “Core Strength Health & Wellness” which is perfectly located in the Centrepoint Complex through the Vaughan Street entrance.

With our Core Strength Health & Wellness power-assisted workout, you will feel amazing in just 30 minutes and gain the results of:

  • Improved posture & alignment
  • Increased mobility
  • Lengthened & strengthened spine and surrounding muscles
  • Safe and effective toning of muscles
  • And improved flexibility

You will experience peace and calm while in the midst of a hectic day with the Powertone + Pilates System.

Take full advantage of our Shapemaster exercise system that leverages the revolutionary new innovation in total body conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

The key benefits you stand to gain are:

  • Improvement in your core stability with deep lateral breathing technique
  • Increased spinal support
  • Lengthening and strengthening of your muscles
  • Greater focus on polarising your body (balance)
  • Better alignment and restoration of symmetry
  • Exercises that induce your body to be in a controlled rhythmic motion, therefore re-educating your muscles
  • Destressing of your body and mind
  • Increased body metabolism and calorie burning
  • Healthier and happier feelings
  • Toner and firmer body
  • Controlled weight and inches lost
  • Improved posture and confidence
  • Improved flexibility and joint mobility
  • Relief of pain and rehabilitation of muscles

All our machines operate at the push of a button and are pre-programmed and pre-timed machines. You will be assisted through all exercises by a highly qualified trainer. And then, you can gain all of the above mentioned benefits and then relax in a luxurious space with great ambience.

Full training and supervision with regular health assessments are included in all our packages with no locked-in contracts or joining fees.

To get the best results, you should do a minimum of three 30-minute sessions per week or as recommended by our expert trainers.

Individual session times are available every 10 minutes throughout the day during operating hours as follows.

Request your booking now so you can get your body in shape and healthier faster.

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Powertone + Pilates System by Shapemaster