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Bood Hickson

Cosmic Attunement with Bood Hickson

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Are you seeking health, harmony or enlightenment? Bood helps people apply sacred knowledge practically to reduce frustration, disappointment and anger, by better understanding themselves and how to ‘navigate’ their lives more wisely. Readings, workshops and online courses

Cosmic Attunement with Bood Hickson

Focus areas

Astrology Mentoring Personal growth Purpose Human design Self-realisation


Cosmic Attunement

Your time of birth identifies your unique resonance to our beautiful Galaxy, Sun, Earth, Moon, planets and stars.
Consider how your fortune could improve if you could better navigate your life by understanding more clearly who ‘you’ are.

Bood has studied the divine arts for over thirty years, seeking answers to life’s eternal questions; ‘What are our highest purposes in this life?’ and ‘How can we nurture our potential, whether as partners, parents, patients or pioneers?’

Whether you’re seeking self-realisation, direction, relationship harmony, health, considering relocation or the year ahead, Bood offers intuitive and cosmological insights into your life choices.


"My husband and I had a series of sessions with Bood and are now set on a much clearer path. Bood got to the core of what we needed to know."

Alexandra T., California

"What makes your knowledge so special, is the many different types of astrology that you have an in-depth knowledge of, thank you."

Paul Sandvik, Norway

"You’re a great teacher Bood; explanations very clear and fascinating."

Rhea W, Australia

Cosmic Services

Personal growth, healings, workshops and online courses on health, relationships and how to navigate life.

Cosmic Attunement $ 250

4 hours of Self, Life & Review sessions

Birthday $60

1 hour navigating the coming year

Brief $60

1 hour looking at your Human Design

Healing $1,500

48 hour online spiritual healing journey

Introduction from 300#

5 hour workshop at your place#

Mentoring $250

4 hours a month Youths <30 150

Relationships 250

4 hours exploring personal dynamics

Synthesis $1,800

60 hours Bodygraph course <30 1,200

Travel $60

1 hour insight into location or travel

Traditions $1,500

48 hour tropical astrology course online

Workshops from 300#

5 hour workshop topics include purpose, health, relationships and collaboration

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