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Diana Murphy 'Counsellor For You'

Diana Murphy

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Diana Murphy 'Counsellor For You'

Welcome to Diana Murphy 'Counsellor For You'

Diana Murphy 'Counsellor For You'




Now seeing clients for counselling at Wonthaggi Chiropractic Natural Health Centre

‘I can help you create positive change.’

Dip Counselling; Certs EFT & Mental Health; Member ACA

As a counsellor, I’m passionate about sharing with you my wisdom, knowledge, skills and experience which I’ve accumulated both personally and professionally over my lifetime. It took me much time and an enormous effort to get where I am now – at the age of 54 – living a happy and fulfilled life.

The thing I missed the most, and which would have saved me a lot of pain, time and effort, is a guide or, life coach. That’s what I’d like to be for you. My wisdom and approach will be at your disposal and we will work together in a way that’s most helpful for you. It will amaze you how working cooperatively together can alter your perception and help you to create positive change in your life.

To integrate my professional toolkit, I’ve completed qualifications in counselling and mental health. To give me the best possible skills and know how to help you, some of the other areas I have studied include:

Certificate of Life Coaching & Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

With the Mental Health Academy, I have completed short units in: Emotionally Focussed Therapy; Bereavement; Addiction; Attachment; Narcissism; The Shadow; Motivational Interviewing; Anxiety Disorders & Depression; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Positive Psychology; Domestic Violence; Trauma; Choice Theory; Self Therapy; Diffusing Stress; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Narrative Therapy; Meditation & Mindfulness; Reality Therapy; Spiritual Healing; Solution Focussed Therapy

I continue to develop my knowledge base and abilities with further studies so that I can give you the very best support to create positive change and live a more happier life.

Get to know me…

Within my life experience, I’ve been through many pickles myself, some more and some less serious. At the time they all seemed very big to me. At certain point I didn’t get out of bed for months – there just wasn’t anything to get up for. I’m very different now, but I can still remember very clearly how I felt. How did I overcome this? Sometimes I just sat with an emotion and gave myself a hug. I didn’t run away from anything I felt or did, I learned to embrace it all. This is what makes me me. I will take the same approach with you. Embrace yourself. Don’t put yourself in compartments, me before, me after, the part I don’t like… It all fits somewhere. We are who we are because of everything we have experienced. This is not to say that we can’t improve. I am a huge reader – psychology, philosophy, fiction. I try to be as open minded as I possibly can. I’ve had a few different businesses on different continents, and have a very strong practical side. I love results. So we won’t be wasting our time for nothing.

This is how I will work with you…

Firstly I discuss with my client what sort of person they want to be. For example, confident about themselves and their future, accepting and loving towards themselves, feeling reasonably comfortable in any situation, being able to express themselves adequately, having good intimate relationships, having close family bonds, and so on. In the next step we identify what keeps them from being that person, and discuss ways to make it happen. Once the client decides on a plan of action that suits them best, it’s time to start acting on it, implementing changes by small steps, at their own pace. I support you all the way – and positive happens. There is hope for all of us. I don’t use labels or categories. Each of us is totally unique, and I approach everybody accordingly. I ask my clients for permission to let me into their lives, and teach me what it is like to be them. By doing this, they allow me to put my skills and knowledge at their service.

So, what are you wanting…?

Where do you want to start?

What do you want it to be ? I don’t hand out recipes. Please tell me.

You talk and I listen. I’m very curious about your story. I want to know your ups and downs (whichever way it goes). I’m not prying – everything you tell me will help us in some way to make sense of what is going on. When this happens it will become very clear to you what you need to do. I’m a very simple and direct person and my intentions are good. I’m hoping that you will benefit from me being me. And together we can make a positive difference in your life. To book a session, either call ne directly call into Wonthaggi Chiropractic and Natural Health Centr

Or use my Contact form and I will call you personally.

Please be assured your secret’s are safe with me and all information and our conversations are strictly confidential and your privacy is absolute, you can also attend after hours away from prying eyes. There is also the option of video conference via Skype or Google Hangout.

To arrange a video counselling session please visit


What I can offer you …

  • I’m passionate about sharing with you my knowledge, skills and experience so that you can overcome habitual ways of thinking, create change and start to live a life of well-being, satisfaction and fulfilment.

  • As a life coach and counsellor, my role is to help you help yourself. I support you to discover new ways of thinking and to make changes in your life so that you feel more empowered and confident.

  • Trust is important in a practitioner / client relationship and I can assure you that any sessions that we may have together are discreet, safe and confidential.

  • I love to motivate others and one of the tools I use to help you is motivational interviewing in order to overcome resistance and old ways of being.

  • One of the ways I can help you is in changing your perception – reframing the way you might look at an experience or problem so that you have a fresh perspective. In other words, we rewire the ingrained way you might think of a circumstance or problem.

  • I am a firm believer in the value of meditation and mindfulness – separating the self from the thoughts. Helping people to see that they can be the observer of their thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. We are not our thoughts!

  • Together we can work on changing perspectives of memories, changing entrenched beliefs and learning new skills.

  • What gives me satisfaction is seeing people go through personal transformation, learning new skills, having a fresh outlook and letting go of old thought patterns.

  • When I’m working with you, I use a range of modalities including motivational interviewing, counselling, life coaching, emotional freedom technique and cognitive behavioural therapy.

  • I work dynamically, I am passionate and direct and have your best interests at heart.

  • I have lots of little tools and tricks to help you along the way and I might even give you some homework!


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