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Creative Kinesiology


Marianne Inchley
Servicing area: Elwood, Bayside
Creative Kinesiology

Feeling blocked, stressed or stuck in some area of your life? Identify and release the root cause of your issues and move forward with greater health, vitality, ease and joy. My aim is to help you create a life you love!

Creative Kinesiology - Elwood

What's stopping you from living a life you love?

We are so often limited by our thoughts, beliefs and stories about who we are. Often these limitations become a way of life and we forget that something better is possible - whether this is related to our health, work, relationships, personal growth...
Kinesiology is a powerful modality that enables you to identify subconscious beliefs, blocks and stressors that would otherwise be very difficult to identify. Each session is guided by the innate wisdom of your body, honouring your uniqueness in every way.

Kinesiology is beneficial for the following conditions:

  • Stress / anxiety

  • Creative block

  • Low energy / fatigue

  • Fears and phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Digestive disorders

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Past trauma / abuse

  • Learning difficulties (adults and children)

  • Mood swings and cravings

  • Allergies / sensitivities

  • Pain (back, neck, sciatica, headaches, PMT)

Kinesiology can also help you:

  • Experience a deep sense of peace

  • Navigate through life changes with greater ease

  • Free your creativity

  • Find direction and purpose

  • Reconnect to your passion and joy

  • Improve memory and concentration

  • Trust your intuition and decision-making

  • Clear blocks and self-sabotaging mechanisms that prevent you from fulfilling your potential in any area of life.

  • Release energetic attachments

  • Prepare you for interviews, auditions, exams, public speaking or performances

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology uses direct feedback from your body to establish where imbalances or stress patterns are held. Imbalances can occur on physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional or spiritual levels. The beauty of kinesiology is that a wealth of information on all these levels can be accessed from the subconscious, bringing to your awareness the deeper issues underlying your symptoms.

Often illness is the result of emotions that have been "locked" in the body and are in need of your attention. Illness can also stem from beliefs formed long ago as a response to what was happening at the time and are now limiting your ability to heal. Kinesiology uses gentle yet powerful techniques to release stress surrounding past events, empowering you to make different choices in the future.

The feedback system of muscle testing is unique to kinesiology and its truly holistic nature makes it a potent therapy beneficial for a broad range of conditions. Significant changes to physical, emotional or mental health are often experienced in just 1-3 sessions.

What can I expect from a kinesiology session?

In your initial consultation, a case history is taken to establish the primary issues you wish to resolve and what you hope to achieve. Kinesiology sessions are conducted fully clothed, lying face up on a massage table. Muscle testing is used to identify the nature of the underlying stress and which techniques are required to bring the body to a state of balance and harmony. A combination of Eastern & Western techniques are used, including:

  • Acupressure

  • Emotional stress release

  • Counselling

  • Muscle correction techniques

  • Time regression techniques

  • Lymph and blood reflexes

  • Chinese medicine psychology

  • Chakra and meridian balancing

  • Vibrational therapy (sound & colour)

  • Flower essences

Initial consultation 90 minutes
Standard consultation 60 minutes

About Marianne

I am a registered specialised kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association and started my practice in Elwood for people and pets in 2009. Coming across kinesiology was life-changing and as a kinesiologist, I find it rewarding to see my clients transform their lives. I consider it to be one of the most potent modalities to help you access the wisdom of the body and facilitate lasting change.

I'm passionate about the healing power of sound, music and the voice. At intervals throughout the year I offer sound journeys, vocal meditation and Sound Medicine Circles. Sound is also incorporated into my kinesiology balances, as it is such a wonderful tool for harmonising the body's energy field.

Whatever issues you may be facing in your life right now, it is my joy to offer you support and guidance on your unique path. Please do not hesitate to call if you'd like to find out any further information or make a booking for an initial appointment. 

Create a Life you Love!

Also Available

  • Gift Certificates

  • Kinesiology for pets

  • Skype consultations


"I had never tried Kinesiology before and although I was very open to the approach I must admit I did not have any particular expectations going in to the session. I can honestly say that I consider myself lucky to have met and been introduced to Kinesiology by Marianne. The sessions have been truly beneficial and profoundly effective and have had an incredibly positive impact on all aspects of my life. If you are reading this and are not sure about whether to make an appointment, I would urge you to give it a go, worst case, you spend a relaxing hour in good company and choose not to go back...a far better, and more likely outcome is that you, and your life will be improved in every way...go...I can only say that my life is far better for having met and worked with Marianne, I cannot recommend her more highly".

Sophie, Elwood

Marianne’s gentle, soothing energy creates a wonderfully safe healing space that instantly allows me to drop my guard and embrace the process. Her energy combined with her kinesiology and sound techniques are so powerful I find myself sinking into a meditative state as she works on me. She is sincere, humble and I highly recommend her to anyone who is walking the path of gentle truth.


I have been suffering with “restless leg syndrome” since I was a child, causing me many sleepless nights. Following one session with Marianne my symptoms disappeared and six months later I am still happily symptom free!

Marketa, Brighton

"I went to see Marianne when I first started running and was struggling to break through a running distance goal.  I waasn't sure what the block was, but with Marianne's caring, muscle testing, balancing and practicing some visualisation, I easily bounded past this limit I'd created for myself.

Running is a big part of muy life now and keps me healthy in so many ways. I just love it! And I'm not sure I would have kep it up if Marianne hadn't helped me over that early hurdle."

Victoria, Abbotsford 

Marianne has provided a loving environment to release and heal outdated responses and behaviour, and deep wounds at many levels. Each week I would walk away with a feeling of lightness, optimism, a sense of freedom and affirmations to support my new goals and purpose.

With gentleness, support and understanding, Marianne in her loving way provided the space to speak about the often unspoken memories and wounds of the past and release them in a gentle, safe and affirming process. The healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level was gentle but life changing from week to week. I am forever grateful and feel fortunate to have found Marianne and her lovely healing space.

Lea, Mentone

I visit Marianne for my 'balance' every 3 to 4 weeks and I find this suits me really well. I recently changed this from a longer 4-5 weeks as I didn't want potential "monthly" hormonal influences to present each time I had a session and have found this to be even more beneficial. The hour I spend with Marianne is purely selfish and my time to let go, unwind and recharge for the coming month. A safe space where I don't have to worry about anyone else, any judgement, opinions or external influences and focus entirely on what I want for me. I certainly recommend kinesiology as a natural way to get in touch with your inner self and discover what makes you fulfilled and happy.

Karen, Elwood

I have been seeing Marianne for kinesiology for a few months now and never thought I would feel how I do today. When I went to my first session I felt like there was no hope and wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of kinesiology. I had my first panic attack before my 21st birthday and then suffered from severe anxiety. I thought there was no way out of this horrible nightmare. I didn’t sleep for a long time and also lost a lot of weight from not being able to eat. I would cry day after day thinking I was going crazy and trying to fight my way better just to end up feeling worse. I felt disconnected from the world around me and felt the need to escape from my mind and thoughts. I went to doctors trying to find answers for why this was happening to me only to be told I had depression and have drugs given to me. I knew this wasn’t the answer to my problem. With the help from Marianne I have made huge progress and have a clearer mind. Kinesiology with Marianne helped me to find balance and gave me freedom from feeling like I was trapped with anxiety forever. I am well on my way to recovery now and never thought I would see the day that I felt back to my old self again. I now know that this is something you don’t have to just live with and that with the right help you will feel better again. I am very grateful to Marianne and the help I have found through kinesiology.


I went to Creative Kinesiology for help as I found myself stuck in a circle and was doubting my skills and direction. Marianne helped me to get back on track with a much greater sense of self-confidence. She is a highly professional, trustworthy and kind-hearted practitioner who can really make a difference. My daughter also went to Marianne and felt blissfully cared and looked after with her teenage worries, she loved going to her. I can only highly recommend Creative Kinesiology and Marianne!

Barbara Treiber, Black Rock

I have been receiving ongoing Kinesiology treatments from Marianne Inchley.
I would like to give testimonial to this work and describe some of my valuable healing experience.
During the first session a challenging life theme was uncovered. Marianne identified this theme and through her work unhooked an old, internalized and often limiting shadow experience I have struggled with.
The day after my session I was able to stand grounded and bounded when faced with a difficult situation. I felt balanced and capable of responding from a considered place of choice. This was empowering.
Prior to my Kinesiology experience I may have reacted habitually and from an archaic belief system; feeling unresourced, unbalanced and unaware of my options, therefore unable to reach a satisfying outcome.
I can recommend Marianne’s balancing work as a tremendously supportive vehicle for uncovering and negating outdated and painful life themes and raising awareness.
I have since recommended Marianne’s work to client’s who have reported significant psychological and physical shifts in their experience after balancing sessions.

Psychotherapist (For professional reasons name withheld)

As soon as I walk through the door I feel like I’ve entered a sanctuary! I have more clarity and confidence than I used to and love the sense of calm and groundedness I feel after a session. I would recommend Marianne to anyone who is interested in taking a holistic approach to their health, in particular anyone who is going through major changes in their life or is ‘stuck in a rut’…

Vanessa Gooch

In the past I have been treated by Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathic practitioners and being new to Kinesiology I wasn't sure what to expect. Rather than any particular physical ailment, Marianne suggested I focus on an ongoing creative process that has been causing me some frustration. As I did so, Marianne gently moved my limbs and tested their resistance. She asked me questions and continued this process of adjusting my body while I lay there. The experience was resoundingly pleasant and before I knew it an hour had flown by. The instant I stood up I noticed that a dull ache in my shoulder from an old work related injury had vanished. I hadn't even mentioned this injury to Marianne. Even more surprising, a month later, the novel that had been troubling me has been finalised to its first draft stage and is now undergoing its first structural edit. Thank you, Marianne!

Clive Writer/Musician

Qualification Details

AKA Registered Kinesiologist
Dip.Holistic Kinesiology (College of Complementary Medicine)
Applied Physiology: Muscle monitoring, Flower Essence Hologram, Chakra Hologram,
Vibrational Healing Systems 1,2 & 3
Reiki levels 1 & 2
Cert IV Training & Assessment
Certified Yoga of the Voice Practitioner
Working with children check


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