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Mel Dendrinos

Campbelltown Pilates and Massage Studio

76 Queen St Campbelltown NSW 2560

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Campbelltown Pilates and Massage Studio

Servicing area

Campbelltown, New South Wales

What is Pilates?History

Pilates was named after its founder Joseph Pilates and it is a unique form of exercise to restore physical fitness. Using the art of contrology, the musculo-skeletal system is evenly balanced using the conscious control of all muscular movements in the body.

Eastern and Western principles are utilised by Pilates (Yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, dance) to balance the whole body...the large superficial muscles with the small deep stabilising core muscles of the spine.

Our trunk or core is the foundation from which all forms of physical activity begins.


These small deep layer muscles are often overlooked with some forms of exercise This has allowed them to become weaker as the large superficial muscles become even stronger creating muscular imbalance.

There is clear purpose behind each exercise and breathing pattern. Everything in this method is done with precision, focus and concentration.

When one makes conscious choices the mind is very present. This mind-body connection is very powerful in muscle re-education to gain complete control over the subconscious activities

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improving posture core stabilisation
  • Building long lean muscles without bulk
  • Improving stamina, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Prevention of, as well as healing of low back pain
  • Reduction of muscle tension and stress
  • Improving balance and control
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation

    Pilates and Low Back Pain

    Dull or severe lower back pain is a common complaint. The Pilates method is consistent with the latest research findings into the management of low back pain. Using the principles of contrology pilates exercises aim to first increase the endurance of the deep stabilising muscles of the spine, then retrain them to engage prior to initiation of spinal movement thus protecting the movement.
    Under appropriate supervision, learning this functional control of the spine will help to reduce and prevent lower back pain.


    Exercise is an important component in the management of hack pain. With the development of tvpicalli poor postural habits, we lose the stability and support necessarifor a healthy spine. Carefully administered exerci,ces that focus on increasing the strength and endurance of the muscles that siahilise the trunk and spine will rein fr)rce correct o.stural habits. P1/ales is an effective method of strengthening our core which enables us to sit, stand, walk and work wit/i greater com.thrt and confidence."

    Curtic Thor Rigney D.C. (USA)
    Rehabilitation Lecturer Department of Health and chiropractic Macquaire University,

    About Mel Dendrinos

    Mel has been a qualified massage therapist specialising in myofascial release techniques relating to acute and chronic musculo-skeletal conditions since 1994. Mel became interested in the Pilates Method in 2000 for rehabilitation purposes and started his Pilates training in 2001 under Vanessa Wood a teacher/trainer for the Pilates Insitute of Australasia (P.l.A). Mel completed his training in 2002 and practised as a fully qualified instructor at Pilates in Parramatta a rehabilitation studio until July 2004 when he opened the Campbelltown studio.

    Mel is an accredited instructor with the Pilates Institute of Australasia. The Campbelltown Pilates Studio is accredited with the P.I.A.

    The Studio

    The studio is fully equipped and all programmes are personalised to suit individual requirements.
    Specific rehabilitation exercise programmes are available.
    All exercise sessions are supervised in a very relaxed atmosphere by a qualified instructor.
    Studio sessions are run by appointment only and run for one and a half hours.
    Studio sessions are offered in lots of 10 sessions or lots of 20 sessions.

    Starting at the studio

  • Initial assessment is mandatory prior to commencement of studio sessions.
  • Any existing injury must be assessed Please bring any relevant reports I x-rays.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. (T-shirts, shorts, tracksuits)
  • Bring a pair of clean socks. Shoes are not required.
  • Bring a towel.

    Studio Hours

    Monday - Friday8.00 - 11.00 am
    Monday - Friday3.00 - 7.00 pm
    Saturday9.30 - 12.30 pm

    Initial Assessment$90
    10 sessions$300
    20 sessions$520

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