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Culburra Counselling

Martin Billingham

Prince Edward Ave
Culburra Beach NSW 2540

Servicing area: Culburra Beach & Nowra NSW

Culburra Counselling

Want to tap into the depths of your thoughts and emotions to discover the real you?

Counselling for Adults & Children and Couples

Counselling Fosters Understanding, Resilience and Wellbeing

Transpersonal Counselling

Transpersonal Counselling integrates alternative approaches  to provide a holistic approach to wellness and explores aspects of our being beyond personal identity.  For example, sessions may include focussing into the body to access wisdom, visualisations and guided imagery, dream work, hypnosis, art therapy, mindfulness, life mapping as well as working with symbol, metaphor and ritual.  In addition, yoga postures and reiki may be employed to help resolve physical, cognitive and emotional concerns.

Counselling for Adults

Eclipse Counselling & Natural Therapies helps adults in Culburra Beach NSW realign their lives with their objectives in life. It guides them as they sift through their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and liberates them from anger, anxiety, stress, depression, relationship and separation difficulties, grief, parenting challenges, or addiction to any substance. Not only does this bring their whole being into harmony, but it also improves the overall quality of their lives.

Relationship Counselling

Every relationship has its good and not-so-good facets. We support couples and families in a loving way, helping them see their relationships down to its most essential part. We support each individual as they explore how they are contributing to their current situation and then guide them in working out a plan that will make the good things in their relationship outshine the unpleasant ones.

Counselling for Children & Adolescents

Is your child’s behaviour, emotions or social development worrying you? Our progressive approach to child counselling, which is an interplay of art, play therapy and sandtrays, will drastically shift their emotions and improve their self-esteem, communication skills, resilience and behaviour patterns.

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