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I am a highly researched and experienced Consultant Naturopath, with 24 years clinical experience. Zoom meetings / Tele consults

About Me

Servicing area

Floreat, Joondalup & Perth CBD

Focus areas

Wellness tailored plans Nutrition/Diet Aged care support Telehealth Covid and long covid disorders Gut digestive disorders

I specialise in providing a range of services to all of my clients, including:

  • Women's and Children's Health
  • Gut microbiome and digestive health
  • Mens Wellness
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Iridology
  • Nutrition
  • Reflexology
  • Remedial/Aromatherapy Massage (female only)
  • Elite Athletes/Professional Sports players
  • Practitioner supplementation
  • Manual Therapy (female only)

A range of testing services are also available, including but not limited to:

  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Organic Acid Testing
  • Dutch test (hormones)
  • Salivary Hormone Testing: Oestrogen metabolites
  • Hair Analysis
  • Digestive Testing/ Advanced Microbiome restoration
  • Home Stool Collection Kit
  • Adrenocortex stress profile
  • Children / Adult Food Sensitivity Tolerance
  • Male Hormone Testing
  • Thyroid Profile
  • Iodine testing, THYROID Auto antibody Testing
  • SIBO breath testing; lactulose intestinal permeability
  • Candida antibodies
  • Viral Assessment
  • Methylation MTHFR Testing
  • Diamine Oxidase Testing (histamine)
  • DNA profiling 

Individualised Programs are created to suit your needs, so why not give me a call today to organise your next appointment.


Debbie has been my naturopath for about 2 years

All I can say is that she is AMAZING !!!!!

She is such a lovely lady and so caring and helpful, way beyond what would be considered the normal role of a professional naturopath.
She is a highly researched and experienced hands on naturopath who genuinely cares about her patients.

In November 2016 I had Thyroid Function blood tests taken which were referred by a hormone doctor.

On my return visit to the doctor for the results of the tests it was found that some of the readings were in red so the referring doctor said that she would keep an eye on them. No treatment was recommended by this doctor and I was told to make another appointment in about 6 months.

I showed these tests to another doctor and he said that it indicated Hashimotos Thyroiditis. No treatment was recommended.

On showing these tests to Debbie she was anxious to start treatment immediately and gave me natural supplements for healing. She also gave me reading material so I could start doing some research myself so as to understand my condition, which up until this point I did not realise I had.

Debbie also encouraged me to take control of helping myself heal through diet, relaxation and reducing stress. She also ordered professional testing for my condition and further appropriate treatment.

Each time the blood tests were repeated, readings improved.
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN they came.

In March 2018 I had another round of blood tests.
I was so EXCITED - NO MORE HASHIMOTOS - I couldn’t believe it !!!!
I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends. I was so happy I cried.


If it wasn’t for Debbie my readings would still be going through the roof until my thyroid was completely destroyed and I would be taking pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life. My quality of life would have never been the same as the fit healthy person I am today – even at 71 years young. I still feel as though I am not a day older than 50. I dance 3 times a week and exercise regularly. No more Nana naps for me!!!



I was referred to Debbie through a friend when I first moved to Perth three years ago. Debbie has assisted with continually educating me about new products that she has received as she is always extending her own knowledge by attending seminars and sessions to ensure she has up to date knowledge of what is available in the market. She has also supported me on a personal level as she is such a kind and caring person and makes you feel that you are a friend rather than just another client. Debbie follows up with calls and emails if she knows you are particularly unwell to ensure you are on the road to better health. I have been to several Naturopaths who send you away with so many vitamins and a plan that is hard to keep up with but Debbie keeps things very simple and what she gives you is exactly what you need. She is also mindful of the costs involved and tries to pass on savings wherever she can. Thank you Debbie for all of your help.
S. Schafer

Debbie was my consulting naturopathy practitioner for a well-being/acne treatment plan. I feel she is a very professional and personable practitioner who is genuinely interested in seeing me achieve beneficial results. As a naturopathy practitioner, Debbie excels at targeting and treating any wellbeing or health issues/concerns. As my practitioner, she put me on an acne treatment plan to help resolve my skin issues, while implementing a program to help moderate my allergies during hay fever season. Both treatments were effective and I was able to avoid using potentially harmful medication, such as roaccutane, as prescribed by my dermatologist. I would recommend Debbie as a naturopath practitioner to anyone who is seeking to improve their overall well-being or is having issues with their skin.
G. Kenny

I find Debbie to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable. My first consultation in January 2010 was a fascinating experience as she was spot on with her diagnosis without even knowing much about me. Debbie has helped me with my gynaecological complaints, hormonal changes, sleep problems and most importantly she has helped me understand what is beneficial/harmful for my body to function properly. Above all Debbie is one of the most genuine, engaging, gentle and compassionate human beings I have the privelege of knowing. Debbie is only an email/phone call away and is so generous with her time, replying to my emails when she recently had to travel overseas and even makes a phone call just to see how I am! I highly recommend Debbie.

Debbie has been my Naturopath for some years after I initially sort her help after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and at the same time was experiencing digestive/bowel issues. I have found Debbie's professional care and management both excellent and holistic. Her genuine and caring approach to my individual treatment plan has truly been amazing. Being able to combine my traditional medical care with naturopath-homeopathy and herbal medicine has been of great benefit. I now enjoy good health and am able to live and enjoy life to its full potential. Exercise and diet has played an important role in maintaining my quality of life and with Debbie's input I have been able to sustain regular exercise without being plagued with muscle cramps/spasms. I am constantly amazed at Debbie's knowledge, enthusiasm and ability, in fact I have recommended her to not only my family but also my friends.
C. Wright

Debbie was recommended to me by a friend a long time ago. The moment I went and saw Debbie I knew I was in safe hands and I felt better the moment I left her office. She is the most caring, genuine and knowledgeable person you will meet. Debbie's professional and caring approach to Naturopath - homeopathy is what makes her so excellent. I feel 100 times better for seeking Debbie's help and I will be a life long client. I recommend Debbie to all my friends and family.

I have been treated by Debbie for several years - initially to help balance my hormones and assist with weight loss and fatigue. Having been to Natural Health Practitioners in the past, I often found that I just came away with lots of bottles of tonics and pills! Not the case with Debbie… she is the perfect blend of a knowledgeable professional with a generous, warm and caring nature (& one of the nicest people you will ever meet!). Debbie does not over-prescribe and has counselled and educated me over the years with up to date nutritional and lifestyle advice. I have been so happy to resolve my health issues in a natural way and I continue to see Debbie regularly for maintenance and tweaking when required. I have also taken my young children to her for sleep disorders, anxiety or if they had a lingering cough, all with good success. I work in the health and fitness industry myself and have referred several of my clients, particularly those who needed assistance with weight loss. They have reported back to me about how brilliant they found her to be and with good results. I highly recommend Debbie without reservation.
J. Herrington

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  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Accredited Herbalist
  • Naturopath Consultant

Professional Membership

  • ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association
  • Complementary Medicine Association

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