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Debra Dawn Spiritual Services

Kings Langley NSW 2147

Debra Dawn Spiritual Services

If you need Spiritual Guidance and Healing, my services specialise in Spiritual Therapies and Guidance for children as well as teenagers and adults.

Debra Dawn - Services

Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Regression

Regression Therapy memories are accessed whilst in a calm and relaxed meditative state, where you will be in a total awareness of your own personal experiences and in a safe environment. You have the option to record these sessions if you wish for further understanding.

Regression is an effective modality for:

  • Understanding life circumstances

  • Clarifying connections in relationships

  • Clearing physical symptoms

  • Finding your life purpose

  • Healing phobias and fears

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling

Expect to be in a fully relaxed and calm state as Debra works to clear your aura and to remove blocked energy in your chakras, through the release of these blockages Debra is able to resolve mental, physical or financial concerns. Intuitive messages will be provided when the healing is finished. This will help to guide you in understanding of your core issues. Healing ultimately comes from within.

This can be effective for:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • The side effects of some cancer treatments

  • Chronic long term conditions eg depression, arthritis and chronic fatigue

  • Pain relief

Palmistry and Hand Analysis

Pam reading is the amazing art of reading the whole hand. This includes the fingers, shapes, mounts, skin type, flexibility as well as the markings and lines. Debra also utilises her intuitive ability to receive messages as your palms tell the story. The future is not fixed. The lines on our palms can change. Coming to terms with your life choices can lead to an improved future.

Palmistry can be an effective modality for:

  • Understanding your personality

  • Understanding relationships

  • Resolving issues to reach your fullest potential

  • Understanding your life’s purpose

  • Understanding your health

  • Discovering future possibilities

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