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Healing and intuitive counseling for adults, teens and children.

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Focus areas

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Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Regression

$120 -90 mins

Regression Therapy memories are accessed whilst in a calm and relaxed meditative state, where you will be in a total awareness of your own personal experiences and in a safe environment. You have the option to record these sessions if you wish for further understanding.


Regression is an effective modality for:

    • Understanding life circumstances

    • Clarifying connections in relationships

    • Clearing physical symptoms

    • Finding your life purpose

    • Healing phobias and fears

Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling

Healing- $50 

Reading- $70

Healing/reading combo

$100- 90 mins


Expect to be in a fully relaxed and calm state as Debra works to clear your aura and release dammed up energy in your chakras, breaking through blockages to help bring resolution to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional concerns.

The Tibetan healing bowls are used to promote a space of peace. You will feel completely relaxed. Heat and tingling are felt as the healing energy goes to where it is needed.

As a healing medium- healing is channeled from healing guides, angels or loved ones in spirit. A written message of guidance to help release emotional pain and blockages is usually channeled during the healing.

A clearing with sage for future protection is usually performed if needed. 

This can be effective for:

    • Anxiety and stress

    • The side effects of some cancer treatments

    • Chronic long term conditions eg depression, arthritis and chronic fatigue

                      Pain relief

    • Grief and loss
    • Headaches
    • fatigue 
    • Emotional stress

Intuitive counseling and working with children.

I use palmistry, tarot and pendulum to receive guidance for you to move forward in the future. Helping to give clear directions in your life choices.

Children and teens receive a healing and counseling specific to their age and needs.

Life today can be so busy and full of stress. Not enough time to be heard and share their concerns about their life's.

I can help them cope with:

Alleviating fears 

Spiritual awareness

Meditation techniques



Death of a pet, friend or grandparent

Not performing well at school




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4 Services

Past Life Regression Therapy

1hr 30min
Past Life Regression Therapy
$90 Per session

Regression Therapy memories are accessed whilst in a relaxed meditative state. You are safe and aware of your experience. Sessions recorded. Healing for fears and phobias, understanding lifes circumstances, life purposes.


Energy Healing Spiritual Healing
$60 Per session

Debra is an energetic healer as healing is channeled from healing guides to clear your energetic fields and bring resolution to physical, mental and spiritual concerns. A written spiritual message of guidance to help release emotional pain and blockages

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