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How to use our DSI Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

How to Use

How do I use the Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening Product?

Check out how easy this is... Let’s get started!!


Simply twist off the back of the LED light opening the battery cover and remove the plastic strip between the two batteries. Put the batteries back in with the + side up and put the back on.

(To test - Push the activate button and the LED light should light up. Simply push the button once again to turn it off) 


We will be repeating the below steps twice - once for each mouth guard as they will need to be done separately.

  1. Boil water and pour into a glass or a cup. Then carefully hold the mouth guard by the tag and gently submerge into the hot water for 5 to 10 seconds (you will notice the mouth guard soften). Once the mouth guard is nice and soft, remove it from the hot water, place it over your teeth and suck out the air. Remember to be careful during this step, the water is very hot!

  2. Gently bite down to ensure your mouth guard is perfectly moulded to your teeth. Use your fingers to gently push the mouth guard against your teeth to ensure a perfect fit and mould. Once it fits and feels comfortable remove the mouth guard, twist the tag off and place it into cold water to ensure the shape holds. Leave it in the cold water until the mouth guard has returned to its solid state.


Note *One 3ml syringe of clear Whitening gel should give you approximately 4-5 applications

  1. To get the best results we advise you to brush your teeth before starting the whitening process.

  2. You will need to place a small amount (match stick size) of the clear whitening gel half way up the front of each tooth shape of the mouth guard. Fill each tooth shape in a dot form and in equal portions.

  3. Both mouth guards can now be placed into your mouth (both top and bottom at once)

  4. Turn the LED light and place it under your lips - it is very light so you will not need to hold it. Now let the magic do its work.

  5. For maximum results, we advise where possible to lie back and relax to ensure saliva doesn’t get in the way with the clear whitening gel.

  6. Leave the LED light placed in your mouth over the mouthguard for 10 to 15 minutes before removing.

  7. Leave the mouth guards in your mouth for anything from 30 to 60 minutes in total.

  8. You are done, rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth once again.

  9. For hygiene, we recommend you clean your mouth guard with a tooth brush so that they are clean for your next use.

  10. If you feel pain or sensitivity remove the mouth guards immediately, rinse your mouth with water and apply the blue desensitisation gel to your teeth/gums and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off then brush your teeth. Repeat for up to five days after whitening.

Recommended Usage

Every person is different and therefore results will vary.
The recommendation on the number of treatments required through a month is dependent on the condition of your teeth.
We recommend the average person follow the treatment process once a week for four weeks. If you do not see results after the first day then you may continue to use daily until the desired results have been achieved.
After your first month, you may follow the treatment process once a month to ensure long a lasting effects.

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