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Diana Morton Life Coaching & Counselling Services

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Diana Morton Life Coaching & Counselling Services
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Diana Morton Life Coaching & Counselling Services

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Life Mastery Coaching

My role as a Life Mastery Coach is to help you to recognise any negative beliefs, challenges or barriers that are currently blocking you from allowing what you truly want to have in your life. Once you recognise what beliefs or blocks that do not serve you in attracting what you want in life. It is my job to help you Shift these blocks, help you to upgrade your new beliefs, so that you can Manifest into your life, what you truly desire!

What I can guarantee you, from my Life Mastery Coaching sessions, is this: you will leave with more clarity & insight, as well as more inspiration & motivation! With every session, you will gain increased self awareness & clarity. You will also discover how your sub-conscious mind is affecting your life today, without you even knowing it & what tools to use, to turn these beliefs that are no longer serving you, into new beliefs that do serve your life with passion.

Life Mastery Coaching helps you to fast track your success in achieving your goals.

You will be shown simple tools & techniques to do in between your sessions with me, that will help you to keep on track. Further to this, and most important of all, you will leave your sessions, feeling good, and feeling better than when you arrived & emitting a higher vibration to take with you back out into the world.

From this higher vibration, you will start attracting more of what you want & less of what you donít want in your life. Attracting what you want in life, really starts to happen, once you are ready to honor & value yourself enough to seek the support & guidance from a life coach, who wants the absolute best for you.

In Life Mastery Coaching you will also learn some very simple yet enormously important tools to help you clear away negative thoughts, or limiting beliefs, as well as lift your personal vibration for magnetically attracting & manifesting success!

Ok, so perhaps you are successful in some areas of your life, yet you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled? My role as a life coach, is to help you to recognise why you may feel unfulfilled. I will share with you some simple, yet powerfully effective Ďtoolsí that will assist you in Creating a Life you Love to Live!

One of the basic principles of the Universal Laws is :
Everything is Energy, our thoughts our beliefs our intentions & our feelings cause an energetic effect in the physical world. ĎYOUí are energy and you emit a frequency out into the world, and the very first way this happens is through your thoughts / mind.

What you resonate out is what you will connect with and find more of in your life.

~ This is the Universal Law of Attraction in Action ~

The truth is, whether we like it or it, believe in it or donít believe it, the law of attraction is working all the time. This is simply the science of life & it can be measurably tested both physiologically & vibrationally.

You may be a great person, practice positive thinking on a conscious level, do all the right things & yet you still feel stuck in terms of manifesting what you want. In fact, you keep attracting the absolute opposite of what you desire, the main reason for this, is your negative sub-conscious beliefs. It is these beliefs that do not serve you & for the most part, you probably are not even aware of them, because they live beneath the surface.

Now wait, there is very good news comingÖ..and the good news is this, once these old limiting beliefs are bought to the surface, we can easily & quickly replace these beliefs with new ones that better serve you & help you to attract what you want in life.

So how does Life Mastery Coaching benefit You in relation to the Law of Attraction, you may be wondering?

Well, its quite simple really, if you do not like whatís showing up in your life, it is absolutely key for you to recognise what areas you are out of alignment in, take the right action steps, so that you do like what shows up in your life in the future!

This is when the fun part begins, youíve identified an area or multiple areas in your life in which you want improvement or perhaps radical change. And from here, its my job as your coach to help you learn how to attract more of what you desire & less of what you donít!

Basic Law of Attraction requires you to Align or Match your own frequency with that of which you desire to manifest in your life! However, this is where many of us get stuck, we have heard this for years & probably have an intellectual understanding of it, but donít know the process of how to actually do that! Knowing is not Doing! Learning & Knowing is all great for expanding our knowledge & awareness, however, its actually in the doing process, in taking action steps towards changing your predominant vibrational frequency to match your goals. Whether your goals are for more money & financial freedom, or a loving life-partner, a fabulous new career, a beautiful big home, or a fit healthy toned body.

It is in doing the vibrational frequency work consciously & regularly, that you will find much more happiness, more satisfying harmonious relationships, greater success in your work & deeper fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Again, this is so important, understanding something intellectually and integrating it into your life, your body, your being is entirely another.

The Universal Law of Attraction teaches us : Every thought & every emotion has its own vibrational frequency. The emotion of anger or frustration, has a completely different vibration to that of sorrow or grief. So it stands to reason doesnít it, that the emotions of love, joy & happiness emit a very different frequency.

So, if you wish to change the outcome of whatís showing up in your life today, then you must shift your energy to match what you desire to manifest in your life tomorrow! My role as a Transition Coach is to show you the steps to take, and support you on your way to feeling good & ultimately to become the conscious creator of your own life.

And very importantly, it is from this feeling good place on the vibration frequency scale ~ that you magnetically attract towards you, what you want in your life!

And very importantly, it is from this feeling good place on the vibration frequency scale ~ that you magnetically attract towards you, what you want in your life!

Through Life Mastery Coaching, you will learn simple yet powerful techniques to help you re-focus your thoughts, so that your thoughts & feelings, support you in moving closer to what you want & further from what you donít want. This is easier than you think guys ~ believe me!
You just need to be shown how to do it!

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For optimum results, manifestation sessions are best done only when you are feeling deep relaxation & you can experience euphoric feelings about your goals & desires. When you have reached this state, you can think about creating your goals & dreams. I have developed a range of tools & techniques for you to use during your manifestation sessions that will fast track this process for you greatly.

My goal for you as your Life Coach is to teach you how to resonate a consistent frequency, in a relaxed state for at least 2 full minutes, this is called the state of coherence, and it is from this state that you will successfully attract your desires. These are some of the tools I use in all Life Mastery Coaching & Manifestation Sessions.

  • Vision Boards or Dream Board

  • Mind Movies

  • Guided Visualisations

  • Appreciation & Gratitude exercises

  • Energy Clearing / Meridian Tapping

  • Relaxing Meditations

  • Inspirational Books & DVDís

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My Mission

It is my mission & my passion as a qualified Life Coach & Counsellor, to share everything that I have learned, so as to help others on their journey. It is my desire to help you get from where you are today, to where you want to be in your life tomorrow, and I strongly encourage you to use those simple yet powerfully effective tools & techniques listed above.

I would not recommend to you something that I have not fully test-driven myself. And while I may be an experienced professional coach/counsellor, I am also someone who has overcome some big life challenges & I have personally been the Ďlab-ratí myself for researching what works & what doesnít work in my own life.

I have developed a fantastic ďtoolboxĒ of simple yet powerfully effective techniques to help you achieve success & happiness in all areas of your life. Being aware of your thoughts & feelings is the first step, knowing exactly what you want & asking for it is the second step, believing you can have it & feeling passionately excited about your dreams arriving in your life & receiving them are the next critical steps!

It is my passion to be of service to you & to help you by sharing my expertise, skills & knowledge. Through regular practice, you will discover your lifeís purpose & discover how to create a life by design, not a life by reaction.

Itís an absolute privilege to do this work & be able to help you discover what it is you truly want in your life & how to get there. In safe supportive & confidential sessions, I will help you to learn how to master your thinking & feel good about achieving the results you want to create for yourself in the near future!

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I Recommend

Speed Manifesting - by Lori Mitchell - $20.00 - (Amazon)

Ask & It is Given - by Jerry Esther Hicks - $16.30 - (Amazon)

Wealth Beyond Reason - by Bob Doyle - $19.95 - (Amazon

The Biology of Belief - by Dr Bruce Lipton - $16.50

Law of Attraction - by Michael Lossier - $19.00 - (Amazon)

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Welcome to LOVE the Life You Live LIfe Mastery Coaching & Professional Counselling Services

  • Specialising in the Universal Laws & Universal Principles
  • Specialising in the Vibration Approach

  • Stress Relief Therapies

  • Energy Psychology (EFT)

  • Emotional Release Healing Techniques

  • Manifestation Tools & Techniques

Thank you for choosing me to have your free strategy session over the phone. Iím looking forward to working with you to reach your ultimate goals of life satisfaction in all areas, Relationships, Career, Health, Wealth, and Prosperity & Spirituality.

During your initial strategy session, (approx 15mins) we will look at your life today, look at what you do want and also what you donít want. And from here, I will guide you with what action steps you may need to take to bring you closer to actually Loving the Life You Live!

You may call me on (07) 33970882 or 0422 268 950 to book your
One-on-one strategy phone session. Or you may email any questions or concerns to I look forward to our meeting in the very near future. About Me ~

Diana Morton
Brisbane QLD

  • Life Mastery Coach

  • Professional Counsellor

  • Stress Relief Therapist

  • Personal Development &

  • Life Transformation Coach

  • Spiritual Growth Coach

  • Energy Healing Therapist

  • EFT Practitioner

Although I have been trained in traditional counselling methods & cognitive therapeutic practices. I have found that combining Energy Psychology, along with traditional therapy methods, provides the best outcomes for most people. Throughout the past 12 years, Iíve worked as a professional counsellor & life transformation coach. It has been an absolute privilege to have facilitated positive change, great success & happiness in the lives of literally hundreds of my clients in the following areas :

  • Personal Development

  • Stress Relief

  • Self Esteem

  • Career Mapping

  • Finding Your Lifeís Purpose

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Healing from Grief & Loss

  • Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

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FAQ - Life Mastery Coaching

(Q) What are the benefits & what will Coaching do for me?

(A) Many people turn to personal trainers to help keep their bodies fit & to help them get in shape or stay on track physically.
Life Coaching, Mind & Emotional healing, performs a similar role,
only I concentrate on getting your mind fit, your thinking patterns working at their best & help you to gently bring your feelings to a higher place on the vibration scale!

As a dedicated life coach, I will help you with stress relief therapies, help you to identify & clear any old emotional limited beliefs that may be blocking you from living your best life! Some of the many benefits of Life Mastery Coaching are: A greater Peace of Mind, Calmness at work, significantly improve your ability for coping with stressful situations at work. Noticeable reduction in stress throughout all areas of your life. Developing your abilities for Manifesting & Personal Attraction of what you truly desire in your life.

There are many advantages in having a life coach, for instance learning advanced techniques for turning your desires into reality, and success! With weekly sessions, and step by step coaching, you will learn how to transform your dreams into reality.

(Q) What really is a Life Coach?

(A) A Life Coach is someone who helps you discover a deeper self awareness, and for some people, their personal coach or mentor, can be the greatest support person in their life. A Life Coach is someone who desires the absolute best for you, and who is on your side, supporting you, guiding you & helping you to take inspired action steps towards reaching your goals & towards living the life of your dreams.

Life Coaching helps you to examine your own values and unveil any challenges in the areas of Stress, Career goals, Relationship harmony & satisfaction, Good Health, and Financial freedom.

A few more of the benefits of Coaching, it helps you to sharpen your direction, gain clarity about where you at & where you want to be! Coaching also helps you to discover what specific areas of your life you most want to improve or perhaps change altogether? Coaching also benefits you with coping skills that include Adjustment to any unexpected changes or challenges that may occur in life.

Manifestation is another feature I offer my clients, whose desire it is to create financial abundance in their lives. I can show you how to do this, with 3-4 simple yet powerful tools & you will experience great changes.

As a Life Mastery Coach, I work flexible hours from Monday to Saturday to suit your requirements. I offer my expertise & broad experience in the field of life coaching & counselling at affordable hourly rates. For Life Mastery Coaching I do recommend a
[12 x session package] for you to truly become a master at living your best life by design and learning to Love the Life You Live. I wish for you an Abundant Life full of magnificient manifestations!

Many people who have once been extremely passionate about their lives, about relationships, about their business ventures etc, have somewhere along the road of life, experienced hurts, losses, disappointments, discouragements or perhaps have experienced a sense of failure.

Who among us hasnít huh? So now you are having trouble believing again, that from today wherever you are in life, you can recover, you can re-build & you can absolutely learn to Love Your Life!

Will you allow me the privilege of sharing the principles that do work for all? Allow me to support you in getting your groove back in 2010. You deserve to have Abundance in all areas of your life!

If you will open the doorÖ.just a little bit, you will discover what I believe is the answer to living a life you love, and that is Inspired Action! A Simple decision, a change of mindset from where you are today, to taking Inspired Action, by simply calling me & together we will Make A Difference
in your life, so that you can start to feel good again & start achieving even small successes & happiness. I will give you expert resources, support, manifesting tools & techniques & all the guidance you require!

You donít have to take my word for it, your own life will be testimony to how it is the small things done consistantly over time that create the biggest results in your life! Big Results come from Small Steps of Consistent Action What will you Create for Your Life today? Write it down, whatever you want, write it down & put your own vibrational energy into it. It doesnít matter what it is, how big or how small, what matters is you do something about it ok! Who is the Best Personal Life Coach for You? Well, frankly I am certainly not ďallĒ things to all people thatís for sure. I am not a one-size fits all life coach, and Iím certainly not the teacher, or coach for everyone. What I am though, is dedicated to the service of supporting the clients who resonate with my style of coaching. And it is my goal to be something spectacular to the people whose lives I touch & with whom I can genuinely make a difference.

Life Mastery Coaching is my true lifeís purpose, I absolutely love what I do & even more so I truly love sharing what I know. I have found my lifeís purpose, will you allow me to help you find yours??

Are you integrating what you love into your life? Do you need some support putting your inspirations into action, maybe its motivation or step by step practical guidance that would help you to do this?

Take your first step in inspired action & call me to schedule a one-on-one personal consultation just for you, because you are worth it Where my Coaching work is different to the mainstream practices, is that my style is Adaptive not Formula. I believe each person benefits from different strategies, tools & techniques.

Thank You for allowing me the make a positive difference in your life!

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