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Diana Hunter

Diana Hunter

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Diana is a Master Intuitive Healer and combines this together with her breadth of experience in personal development, spiritual healing practices, bodywork, and physical health to provide the insight, guidance and healing you need. Get in touch to learn more about how she can assist!

Personal Development Consultant & Spiritual Healer

Servicing area

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Focus areas

Intuitive healing Wellbeing Fears Personal development Spiritual guide Medical intuition

Surrounded by hinterland beauty of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Diana Hunter's holistic clinic welcomes you to begin the transformation you seek in your life.

Diana's healing work combines over 35 years of training, knowledge and experience. She has provided her services on the Sunshine Coast since 1998 and offers a range of healing modalities, applying these according to her client's individual needs: 

  • Intuitive Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Medical Intuition
  • Akashic Record Healing
  • Angelic Channeling
  • Wellbeing Consultations 
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences 
In Person and Online Sessions available

Diana utilises her highly evolved intuition, together with her extensive knowledge of health, emotional and relationship dynamics, and bodywork practices, to create a healing and transformational environment for her clients. She has the unique ability to intuit the energy patterning people hold within their mind, body, emotions, and spiritual life and assists to bring those more in harmony with their desired outcome. 

As a practitioner, she incorporates a variety of healing, personal development techniques and spiritual healing practices to ensure that your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is fully supported. 

Diana also includes Australian Bush Flower Essences, either as a direct consultation, or in conjunction with her intuitive healing sessions, to optimise clients’ results.

As a certified Breathworker® and an emotional healer, Diana has worked and trained with Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationships Programs and Vince and Yve Betar's Breathwork training. Her studies include relational addiction, co-dependency, and shame reduction, including training by John Bradshaw.  As a bodyworker, she has studied a range of practices, including Body Harmony, which involves the art of listening to the body. 

In her initial career as an allied health professional, Diana gained education in the fundamentals of medicine and medical science. In addition, after recovering from a personal health challenge, she became interested in nutrition and health and has studied this for over 40 years. She is a certified dietary wellness consultant with a focus on nutritional wellbeing. Through Diana’s broad understanding of Western medicine and nutritional health, she assists people with a balanced approach to their wellness.

As she evolves, so does the potency and power of Diana's work. Her experience shows that people can receive remarkable results from a single healing consultation, and sometimes the best results occur over a series of sessions. 

Diana enjoys assisting people to achieve insight, healing and greater wellbeing and looks forward to being of assistance.

Intuitive Training Programs and Teachings

Diana also teaches a 5 week Intuitive Mastery Program for those who wish to deepen the relationship with their intuition. Please review details at her Intuitive Mastery Training page on this site for further details.

Diana is also the Author of 'An Intuitive Life - A practical guide to living in harmony with your inner wisdom' (available on Amazon) which encapsulated her 35years of experience on the many aspects of the intuitive process and how to apply these successfully for more ease, flow and fulfillment in your every day life.

Testimonials from Diana’s Previous Clients

“I have had the honour of experiencing Diana's work for over 20 years now... a master bodyworker, spiritual healer and shaman, Diana is bringing the work of the future into today. As a healer myself, I trust Diana's intuition and presence implicitly. She is my choice for the person to support me in my own growth - I heal naturally in her presence.” - Sharon 

“Diana’s refined sensitivity and highly developed intuition makes her an extraordinary Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I will be forever grateful that our paths met. She is straight to the point, right on track and emotionally & energetically attuned. Diana is someone who can meet me at my soul’s depths and offer me practical tools. I am in safe hands.” - Bridget 

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  • Associate Diploma (Cumberland College Health Sciences, 1980)
  • Certified Rebirther (Yve and Vince Betar Loving Relationships Training, 1988)
  • Certified Coach In Dietary Wellness (Genetic Key System, 2009)
  • Advanced In Glycobiology Studies (Proevity, 2008)
  • Basic Nutrition and Health (Humanitas International Foundation, 2007)

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