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Therapies to heal, restore and balance

Healing Dimensions - Jane Hall

Servicing area

Flemington, Victoria

Focus areas

Grief Stress Management Education & training Wellness Anxiety Life direction

At Healing Dimensions I focus on your innate potential for growth and healing. My integrative and holistic approach combines extensive knowledge and experience with a good mix of commitment, loving kindness and humour to support you to:-

  • learn strategies for improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • experience greater tranquility and peace
  • access your potential for growth and transformation
  • manage stress and life demands
  • find relief from distress and pain
  • access your own sources of strength, meaning and happiness

What I treat

Healing means coming into balance across the many parts or dimensions of life. This can lead to a greater sense of wholeness and the availability of energy for renewal and change. I offer support for:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress management and trauma
  • Relationship issues, including developmental and transition concerns
  • Dealing with life changes and challenges, including achieving goals
  • Handling work or school difficulties
  • Developing your strengths and potential
  • Transpersonal and spiritual needs, including life direction, meaning and purpose
  • Pre and post birthing related care
  • Pre and post operative care
  • Dealing with long term and chronic illness
  • Last days of life, grief and loss

Therapies offered

Counselling and psychotherapy
person centered and emotion focused therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy; transpersonal and arts based approaches

Natural therapies
meditation and guided imagery; energy based therapies - Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch and Australian Bush Flower Essences

Coaching and mentoring
Life Dimensions personal coaching, Therapeutic Touch Mentorship, professional mentoring and support

How this can work for you

At Healing Dimensions you will experience an approach which is tailored to your unique needs and life situation. You can:-

  • Explore needs and issues with counselling and psychotherapy
  • Have a bio-energetic healing session for balance. Experience deep peace and relaxation in a caring environment and see your stress levels fall
  • Combine counselling/psychotherapy and bio-energetic therapies either in separate sessions or within a session
  • Expand your knowledge through coaching or by doing a course, workshop or seminar in meditation; health and well being; or Therapeutic Touch (Certificate level accredited courses are available, see below for details)

About Jane

I hold a deep belief in the potential for growth and healing that lies within each one of us the power of people coming together to share conversations which generate possibilities and purpose. These conversations are respectful, positive and action-based.

With a compassionate presence, I offer a safe space for you to connect to your own truth and to recover lost hopes and dreams. I will provide the skills and tools for you to see possibilities and potential you may not have imagined.

I have studied a wide variety of healing modalities and have written extensively in the areas of healing, personal/professional development and spirituality. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience, I draw on my strong background of person-centred counselling, emotion-focused psychotherapy and Jungian- based transpersonal work. My work is also grounded in my experience with energy-based natural healing therapies, health management, nursing and midwifery.

I am passionate about providing opportunities for people to enhance and change their life through education and training. I offer courses, workshops and seminars on health, well being and natural therapies through Healing Dimensions and in the corporate and tertiary education sectors.

For more information please call 03 9131 6314.

Business Hours

We're open 3 days.


8:30 am To 8:30 pm


8:30 am To 8:30 pm


8:30 am To 8:30 pm

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