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Divine Reflexology (Divine Health Solutions)

Kathleen Buttigieg

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Servicing area: Preston, Victoria

Divine Reflexology - Incorporating the wonderful healing energy of crystals

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Reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy that encourages the body to heal itself. The feet and hands have reflex points which correspond to specific areas and systems of the whole body. By using thumb and finger pressure to these areas, we break down any blockages and crystallisation to stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow through out the body.

Reflexology is a safe non-invasive therapy that induces a sense of calm and deep relaxation for men and women of all ages. It's fantastic for providing relief from numerous conditions including :-
  • headaches
  • hormonal imbalances
  • stress & anxiety
  • sleep disorders
  • sinus problems
  • all stages of pregnancy (morning sickness, backache, swollen legs)
It also aids in improving recovery time from illness and injury. However, many people simply enjoy reflexology as a way of maintaining good health.


Experience the healing power of crystals. Each crystal has its own special healing purpose and vibration. By incorporating crystals within the reflexology session, the client can experience a deeper sense of relaxation.

Initial Consultation / Treatment: 90 minutes.
Subsequent Treatments: 60 minutes

Private Health fund rebates may apply


For bookings, please call 0411 522 907

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Try reflexology once and you will love it. Do it on a regular basis and your mind, body and soul will thank you.

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Divine Reflexology (Divine Health Solutions)