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DJ Personal Training

Epping NSW 2121

DJ Personal Training

I am a degree qualified Personal Trainer with over 16 years industry expertise and experience in weight loss, nutrition advice and cardiovascular and strength training programs.

DJ Personal Training

About Me:

I am an expert in the fitness industry, with over 16 years experience in delivering quality and safe programs that get results. I teach my programs through group exercise classes, and Personal Training.

I entered into the fitness industry mainly to tone up, lose weight and look good. I had achieved this but found out that having a good body was a bonus, exercising to improve health was my main priority. Having completed a fitness diploma, I lost my mother to complications of diabetes and heart disease. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Personal Development/ Health and Physical Education.

I was committed to challenging beliefs about hereditary and disease runs in the family. I wish I studied before I lost my mother to try and help her live longer. I advocate the importance of physical activity and good nutrition to aid in preventing many lifestyle diseases. I taught many aqua classes, Heartmoves classes, other group exercise classes that focus around improving strength and cardiovascular fitness and had many PT clients. A lot of my clients gained success through increases in mobility, strength, balance, flexibility, fitness, muscle tone, and weight loss.

I have also a lot of experience in teaching children and teenagers as a PDHPE Teacher.

I have also had many clients that are in the corporate sector that have had success in weight loss, and improvements in fitness and productivity.

In older adults I have assisted many clients in preventing lifestyle diseases and better managing chronic conditions through education, the Heartmoves program, regular exercise and support.

I have also trained those that are pregnant, and getting their body back after fitness. I have had 3 children myself and have trained all through three pregnancies and successfully got my body back after having my children and maintaining my weight.

Many of my clients have come to me with injuries, working with their allied health professional and GPs, they have had successes through safe exercise prescription/ rehabilitation.

I am able to help those that need a exercise program that works. After an initial health assessment, I can work closely with you 1 on 1 or through a small group exercise class to achieve your goals and get the results that you are after. If you follow my advice, and exercise prescription, you will get results and you will have support along the way with your journey.

I have ran marathons, half marathons and shorter runs. If your after a running program I can assist you with this.

Services I Offer:

Personal Training is recommended for those people that want a supervised, quality, safe and specific program that focuses on correct technique and injury prevention. You gain support and expertise of a qualified Personal Trainer that is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Many clients seek Personal Trainers so they get expert knowledge on what exercise program is suitable to them and nutritional advice. Many clients also benefit from a Personal Trainer as they lack motivation or have tried other programs that haven’t worked.

1 on 1 PT packages normally $900 (10 x 45min sessions) - discounted to $780 for new clients.

1 on 1 PT package normally $450 ( 5 x 45min sessions) - discounted to $390 for new clients.

Casual 1 on 1 PT is $90 per 45min.

3 month programs - 2 x 45min sessions each week. This is total of 24 sessions for $2160 with a discounted price of $1872.

This program is highly recommended for those people that want to decrease body fat, lose weight and tone up.

You will be given a nutritional plan, healthy recipes, have before and after photos, and measurements taken.

I also offer 6 and 12 month programs, if that’s what your after please enquire.

I offer small group classes in July/ August that focus on strength, cardiovascular fitness, with the use of weights, and dynaband and body weight exercises. These classes will be 45min duration st 5.45am - 6.30am Mon, Wed and Friday during school term.

Cost: $25 per casual class

Term cost up front payment:

10 weeks (1 session per week of 45min) $220

10 weeks (2 x 45 min sessions) $400.

Running Programs - 6 weeks - for shorter running events or 3 months for longer running events. Please enquire.

My Qualifications:

  • Fitness Diploma - and Certificate III and IV in fitness.

  • Bachelor of Health Science PDHPE

  • Fitball Certified

  • Aqua Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition

  • Older Adults Trainer

  • Heartmoves Leader

  • Children and Adolescents Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specalist.

  • Registered and insured as a business member through Fitness Australia.

Clients Testimonials:

I have come to Desiree, as she truly is an expert in her field, she is intuitive and has helped me increase my mobility and better manage my arthritis. I am a spring chicken at 73 years of age.


My wife bought me a PT package from Desiree as my GP told me I am pre-diabetes. I work in the corporate industry and I am 50. I am amazed at how much Desiree has helped me in improving my fitness, and my risk of diabetes.


I saw an advertisement for Personal Training and I contacted Desiree. I am 29 and a office worker. She helped me lose weight, and enjoy exercise. I highly recommend her services and you will get results like I have if you have her as your Personal Trainer.


I highly recommend the services of Desiree, she has trained not only me, but my partner and teenage son. She knows everything about exercise, she has helped me with my back pain, I work at a desk all day. She has also helped my partner lose weight, we are both in our late 30’s/ 40’s and my 15 year old son in his fitness and studies as she is also a PDHPE Teacher.


Desiree designed a strength training program for me as I wanted to increase my muscle massThis was the best program any Personal Trainer has given me. I am male on my late 20’s, I followed her program and I was impressed with the results.


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