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Dr Barri Phatarfod

Dr Barri Phatarfod

Servicing area: Rose Bay, Bondi, Sydney, New South Wales

Dr Barri Phatarfod

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Dr Barri Phatarfod will now be consulting via video-link


Until September 30, 2020, there is a Medicare rebate for all eligible individuals for telehealth consultations with an Australian registered medical practitioner.

So now you can access an Ayurvedic focussed health consultation from the comfort and safety of your home and receive a Medicare rebate if you meet the government’s criteria*


Initial consult is 45-60 minutes and cost is $195.

You will get back around $105 from Medicare. Please have ready any previous results or reports such as pathology, imaging or specialist reports.  

Follow up consultations are $160 and will be 30 minutes.


In order to ensure that your health is followed we have put together a three-month package that is designed to cover the transition of seasons in late August-September (traditionally the riskiest time for illness) and utilise the Australian government’s current Medicare rebate.

Over a 3 month period you will have access to:
  • 3 X 1 hour consultations
  • 3 X 1/2 hour consultations
  • Monthly email follow up regarding recipes and progress
  • 10% off Pinnacle Health products

TOTAL Price = $995. 

You will need to be an Australian Medicare card holder over 16 years old and a non-pensioner to access this Medicare rebate. Please contact if you have questions regarding this