Elizabeth-Kate Bennett

Kensington VIC 3031

Smoking cessation Telehealth Eating habits ...
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Holistic Counselling/Coaching focussing on weight management and wellbeing, binge eating (and food addiction), obsessive exercise disorder, quitting smoking and alcohol, substance abuse.

Astrologer that utilises an individuals natal chart to build on strengths and builds awareness with any areas of weakness that may be blocking an individual towards recovery and growth.

Elizabeth-Kate Bennett (Counsellor/Coaching & Astrologer)

I have experience with counselling and coaching various groups and individuals with eating disorders and how to navigate through various distortive eating patterns, obsessive exercise with the focus on wellbeing and balance. I utilise various tools including Behavioural Change therapy and I also include the holistic approach of viewing the whole person, taking into consideration social and mental factors, rather than just solely the symptoms of their specific problem. I'm also an astrologer that can offer this as a tool to look further into an individual's natal chart to utilise the strenghts and build further awareness on any weakness areas they may have and work on any blockages. 

Qualification details

Bachelors degree Counseling/Coaching Group work and individual counseling: weight management eating disorders, obsessive exercise and substance abuse Helpline counsellor Astrologer (working with natal charts)

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
Elizabeth-Kate Bennett