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John Wibrow

John Wibrow [MSSc. BHSc. ND.] - East Adelaide Natural Health Clinic & Counselling Services

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HONESTY : INTEGRITY : RESPECT.Your FIRST CHOICE for professional natural health care. Detailed report & diagnostic assessment. Rebates from health funds.

John Wibrow [MSSc. BHSc. ND.] - East Adelaide Natural Health Clinic & Counselling Services

Servicing area

Payneham, South Australia

Focus areas

Natural health Food intolerance Health issues Private health Intolerance Lifestyle

John Wibrow is a degree-qualified and accredited practitioner, trained in advanced clinical nutrition; naturopathic practice; medical and health sciences; and counselling practice. John is Principal Practitioner (Naturopathic & Nutritional Medicine) at East Adelaide Natural Health Clinic. He is also a lecturer and consultant to the Natural Health Industry.

John provides health care based on the following practice principles:

First do no harm.
Undertake a thorough assessment.
Treat the whole person.
Work collaboratively with other health professionals.
Know that prevention is the best cure.
Treat within an evidence-base practice framework.
Aim to establish sustainable health by creating awareness and give empowerment.
Use only treatment strategies based on natural approaches.
Respect the individual's right to be treated with compassion.

Your First Steps to Good Health
Congratulations, you have just taken the first steps on the path to an integrative approach to improving your physical health and well-being.

Firstly, by choosing a professionally-trained natural health practitioner, you have demonstrated a need for complete honesty, integrity and a respect for the healing ability of your body.

Secondly, you recognise that healing is a complex process which can benefit from complementary and more natural approaches when undertaken in consultation with other professionals that have a responsibility for your health.

Thirdly, you are seeking a treatment program that is 'tailor-made' for your bio-chemical status which will:

Correct faulty digestion and absorption.
Eliminate any food intolerance.
Reduce toxic overload.
Release the body's natural healing ability.
Identify and support exhausted organs.
Correct any metabolic imbalance.
Teach you to understand your body.
Give you sustainable life skills.

Finally, by treating the underlying cause of any dysfunction, not just the symptoms, you are seeking a long-term and more sustainable approach to your future wellbeing.

Your First Consultation
Your initial consultation will take up to two hours and involve a detailed case history taking; dietary and lifestyle assessment; diagnostic tests for blood pressure, total cholesterol, blood-sugar, food allergy, and various body index ratios. In some cases, clients will be requested to obtain results of recent diagnostic testing from their doctor and to bring these along to the initial consultation.

A detailed treatment plan will be developed and is tailored for your unique requirements and health status. A written report will be prepared that will outline your naturopathic assessment and detail your specialised treatment plan. Your plan may involve dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the administration of professional naturopathic nutritional therapy. The aim is to bring your body into balance and to rectify disorder.

Your treatment plan will cover an initial three-month period with a half-way (six week) review consultation which will take around 3040 minutes. Since your treatment involves education and empowerment, you can expect to gain long-term health management skills .

Ongoing Benefits
Your care does not cease after your final consultation.

You will be kept up-to-date via the News & Research section on our web site which will keep you abreast of the latest and important health issues and natural approaches to health care. This information will be based on credible evidence-based information.

Also, as a client of East Adelaide Natural Health Clinic, you will receive a 10% discount on any professionally prescribed supplements and remedies.

Because you will be treated by a qualified and fully accredited practitioner, you can anticipate a rebate from your private health fund.


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