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Eastern Colon Health

Eastern Colon Health

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Colon Hydrotherapy at Easter Colon Health offers the benefit of enhanced Detox and Weight Loss - why not pay us a visit, relax, rejuvenate and let go... 

Easter Colon Health - Weight Loss

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Colon Hydrotherapy aids with weight loss by flushing impacted material that is coating the walls of the colon. It’s not uncommon to release 1 to 5 kg of decaying matter over the course of your colonic sessions. A colonic will boost your metabolism, and help to refocus your attention on making better food choices.

Want a Flatter stomach?

Colonics give you a flatter stomach! When the colon empties, the abdomen becomes flatter. It’s something people usually notice immediately. Over the course of the treatment plan, the bowel begins to contract and function more efficiently. This results in an absence of waste to make the stomach stick out.

Detoxing or Cleansing?

Accelerated detox / liver cleanse process – when your bowel is cleansed, the blood is also cleansed. When the blood has been cleansed, the liver is more readily able to detox. Nothing gives a detox a boost quite like Colon Hydrotherapy.

Feeling Weighed Down and Lethargic?

The most common thing people say after having a colonic is “I feel so light”. They experience not only a physical lightness but a mental or emotional one as well – as though a weight has been lifted.


Better digestion and bowel function. The build up of toxic debris in the bowel weakens the colon muscles and impair its function. Colon Hydrotherapy exercises the colon and enhances the muscular contractions, which are how the colon shifts material. Colon Hydrotherapy helps to speed up the movement of faecal matter by toning, strengthening, and rejuvenating the colon. If you experience constipation, Colon Hydrotherapy can get you going to the toilet every single day. Change is possible!


If you’d like to take advantage of the Weight Loss and Detox benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy, call Eastern Colon Health, visit our website, or click on one of the buttons below to make contact.

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