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Egyptian Energy Healing

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Egyptian Energy Healing

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About Heka Metu: The Healing Power of Maat

Heka Metu Egyptian Energy Healing is a modern replication of the practice of healing and purification performed by the Wab Priests of Ancient Egypt. Wab Priests were the purifiers of the temple. They were trained in the temple and unlike other priests who served on rotation, the Wab Priests were employed full time in the temple to purify and heal. The philosophy and practice of Heka Metu is founded on the concept of Maat: order, peace, truth, justice and purity, combined with the Ancient Egyptian practice of brainwave frequency attunement through sound.

Heka, (usually translated erroneously as magic), is the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of Chi manipulation. The Ancient Egyptians recognised this vital energy source manifest in the human body and called it the Ka. Egyptian Energy Healing focussed on purifying and cleansing the body of Wekedu (blockages in the energetic system that lead to disease).

Heka Metu combines the transference of energy from practitioner to patient through touch with the appropriate use of sound, visual stimulus, scent, colour, amulets and crystals to activate, clear and promote the bodies natural immune system. This combination of tools and elements and the harnessing of gentle yet powerful Maat energy, sets Heka Metu apart from other Egyptian Energy Healing modalities.

How is this different from Reiki?

In essence the practice of channeling the energy is very similar, Reiki is a modern rediscovery of the Ancient practice. Reiki, however, is grounded in the Japanese principles and culture of its discoverer Mikao Usui. Heka Metu operates from a base of understanding the principles of order embodied in Maat and the operation of Heka (Chi manipulation). Heka Metu channels Maat Energy, a silvery white light symbolised by the feather of the Egyptian

Goddess Maat. Heka Metu adds brainwave frequency attunement through sound to boost the effectiveness just as the Ancient Egyptians did.

Is this a form of Seichem or Sekhem?

No. Heka Metu channels gentle but powerful Maat energy and combines it with brainwave frequency attunement and powerful Egyptian Amulets (Symbols) to boost its effectiveness and achieve remarkable results quickly. The focus of Maat energy is on rebalancing and purifying the body, mind and Ka (Chi or life force or spirit) of the recipient. Heka Metu uses Egyptian symbols in combination with crystals, sound, colour and scent to rebalance the Debenu (Chakras) and clear the Metu (Meridians) of Wekedu (blockages, negative energy) arising from stress and poor lifestyle choices that, if left untreated, can lead to disease.

What does Heka Metu Mean?

Heka is the Egyptian word for Chi (verb to manipulate Chi), although it is usually translated by Egyptologists as magic. In fact this is incorrect and reflects a fundamental misunderstanding by Egyotologists of the Egyptian energetic system. Metu is the Egyptian name for the vessels (meridians) through which Heka travels in the body. Thus Heka Metu means Chi Vessels or Chi System in Ancient Egyptian.

Who is Cathy Simpson?

Cathy Simpson is an Egyptologist and Reiki Master.

Heka Metu represents decades of research and refinement of practice and its development is ongoing. She has also lead tours to Egypt for Academy travel for six years.

She holds a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed LIb Melb U.) and three Masters Degrees, including a Master of Information Science (UNSW); an MBA (MGSM) and a Master of Arts in Egyptology from Macquarie University where she was an Adjunct Lecturer for twelve years.

Reiki Master Lineage: Franz and Bronwen Steine: International House of Reiki

Cathy offers healing sessions in Heka Metu and is launching an online course in Heka Metu Level 1 in early 2020. 


Treatment Courses

Three types of treatment courses are available. Each Treatment course is tailored to the needs of each individual. Typically a treatment course will include the initial consultation and treatment and three or four follow up sessions. In some cases one session may be sufficient to effect a result.

Intensive Single Focus Treatment Course (15 minutes per session + consultation)

This short intensive treatment has a single focus and is ideal for those needing a specific issue addressed. The elements included will be tailored to the specific requirements of the session.

Whole Body Treatment Course (30 minutes per session + consultation)

This longer treatment focuses on the whole body and can treat multiple presenting symptoms at once. This treatment is helpful for complex or chronic illnesses where an wholistic approach to treatment is warranted. The elements incorporated will be tailored to the patient’s requirements.

Rebalance or De­Stress Treatment Course (45 minutes per session + consultation)

This treatment focuses on each of the energy centres in the body. These are called Semat in Ancient Egyptian and are identical with the traditional chakras. This longer treatment is ideal as a tune up or preventative to keep the body in equilibrium and functioning at optimum level or manage a stressful lifestyle or period of intensive stress.

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