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Eileen Jenkins

Crystallise Your Essence

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Feel more alive and in touch with your essential nature

Crystallise Your Essence through Transpersonal Art Therapy

Servicing area

Homebush West and Online

Focus areas

Depression Wellbeing Adjustment issues Telehealth Creativity Transpersonal art therapy

I offer the opportunity to explore your issues, and your potential,


in a creative, down to earth and welcoming atmosphere. 

My aim is to support you to reconnect with and enhance that part of you that makes you you - your essential nature.



Rather than spending a great deal of time finding words to explain what's troubling you, or what you'd like to develop within yourself, you can do it in an immediate way. I practice a counselling modality, transpersonal art therapy, which allows you to access your true thoughts and feelings, and the dynamics going on in your life, and to express them directly in creative ways. As we interact together with what flows from this creativity, whether it be drawing, collage, symbol work, clay modelling, painting, etc you can make discoveries and experience 'Aha moments' that wouldn't have come otherwise, or would have taken much longer to surface.

The creativity involved doesn't require previous experience or talent. Neither do you need to have a particular understanding about life.

In a nutshell, my understanding is that there is a feeling of aliveness within us, which requires acknowledgement and nurturing, for our wellbeing and self-respect to thrive. I feel we need to live according to our essential nature as individuals, while at the same time being in healthy relationship with others, and with society as a whole.

I've travelled widely and experienced many cultures and belief systems, which has broadened my worldview and increased my awareness of our uniqueness, as well as our similarities. I take care of the details of my life but I also like to consider the 'Big Picture' perspective so that I keep in touch with the deep and meaningful aspects of life too. This balance keeps me alive within.

I'm open and welcoming to people of all walks of life and I'm confidential, gentle and professional.


One on One Sessions cost $100 per hour

I also offer a 3 session package for $270 saving you $30

Concessions possible for pensioners and healthcare card holders

Also small group sessions are possible


My inspiration for being a therapist is summed up in this quote from Howard Thurman:

              "Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
      Ask yourself what makes you come alive then go do that.
      Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."


I hope you too will be inspired to 'come alive'.

Best wishes, Eileen


  • Diploma In Transpersonal Art Therapy

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