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Are you sick of being on the diet rollercoaster? Are you eating healthy but not seeing results? Are you kicking goals in life but just can't find the same success with your health? Jodi is a Health and Wellness coach who is passionate about helping people make changes in their lives so that they can live with optimal health and happiness. She provides one on one coaching for those that need individualised help or an online group 12 week Healthy Living Program that runs 3 times per year.

Jodi Dunell

Focus areas

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Jodi Dunell from Elevate Your Health, can help you make the changes you need to live your life at your full potential.

Good health is the foundation to enjoying everything in life.

Many people struggle with maintaining their weight, and are often on a diet or continually 'falling off their wagon'. It does not have to be this way and it is not their fault. Clever marketing targeted at our neurological reward pathway and many food myths keep us stuck, feeling sluggish, frustrated, hopeless and helpless.

With a little guidance and support you can change lifestyle habits that will give you significant lasting results. Take back control of your eating and your Health.


How Jodi Can Help You

Frustrated and helpless with your health and weight is not a great feeling. I know because I have been there. It can erode your confidence and constantly play on your mind, influencing choices throughout your day and your life.

Jodi believes in 6 key areas; Awareness, Understanding, Nutrition, Exercise, Action and Consistency to help you feel confident and in control of your health.

How we think, how we eat, how we move - they are all interrelated. You can not change one without affecting the other. Being able to see beyond our habitual thinking, habits and beliefs is a crucial step to creating lasting change. If not, we are stuck on our rollercoaster, floating between being 'good' and 'bad' or between 'motivated' and 'flat', or starting that health kick Monday only to 'fall off the wagon' on the weekend and then do it all again next week.

Learning how to create new habits is great, but aligning those habits with your values and with new insight is the key to sustainable change.

Through one on one coaching or a 12 week online group Re-set program Jodi will provide information, support, and guidance to help you make the changes you need. The aim is to equip you with awareness and knowledge so that you are confident making your own choices.

So if you are sick of feeling sick and tired, sick of saying "I'll start tomorrow" and want to find peace and happiness from within, book a free 30 min planning session. You will get a better understanding of where you are currently and gain clarity on the steps you need to take to Elevate Your Health.

Or ask when the next 12 Week Healthy Living Re-set starts. They only run 3 times per year (Jan, May & Sept)

This is an online group program with weekly interactive live zooms, 2 x 30min planning sessions with Jodi, mini challenges and online support, education around food, stress and exercise and the effects on the bodies ability to lose weight. 

It's time to do something different. What have you got to lose? 



3 Services

12 Session Coaching Program

Life Coaching Online Wellness Coaching Online
$1500 Per course

Over 12 sessions dive into your challenges and roadblocks that are keeping you stuck from reaching your goals. Flexible sessions that will look at your Values, Beliefs, strategies, goal planning and anything else that is on your mind.

12 Week Healthy Living Re-set

16hr 40min
Wellness Coaching Life Coaching Online Nutrition Online
$490 Per course

Feeling stuck? Are you eating 'healthy' but not seeing results? * Group online program * 2 Live interactive zooms per week * Weekly cooking challenge * 2 x 30min one on one coaching * Weekly Education themes * Closed Facebook group * Support and Motivati

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  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Diploma In Life Coaching
  • Certificate IV In Weight Management
  • Diploma of Fitness

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