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Elle Green

Elle Green - Holistic Healer & Facilitator

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My life has transformed over the last few years, all because I made conscious decisions about my health and knowledge

Elle Green Holistic Healer & Faciliator

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Relaxation Anxiety Stress Management Love Joy Purpose

When you feel connected to the Earth, everything changes and the universe opens up. That is why studying Australian Bush Flower Essence and Reiki has made me feel empowered, confident and myself.

Growing up I was your typical Christian girl, I went to church every Sunday and put my faith in something outside myself. During high school I went through some major life events which left me alienated and abandoned.  At sixteen I was in a two year demeaning relationship and felt disempowered and lost. Following this I changed schools and meet some great friends whom I still have to this day.

Later in life most of my energy was given to everyone else, I was your typical house wife and child bearer with no time to herself. After getting married and having two children, something had to change. I was more than a mother and wife and although I love my family, I had a yearning to become more of who I am.

Throughout this time I have had the urge to learn about crystals, herbs, Reiki and the Universal Spirit. All my life I have felt different to everyone else and it was time for me to step into myself and become who I knew I was inside. Now that I am a Reiki Practitioner a whole new world is at my feet and I am thrilled to be helping people on their life’s path.

My Philosophy

My intentions are to bring us together, I have found we are all on a path in Earth’s evolution and we just have to recognise that we are not alone. Many people feel isolated, stressed, disempowered, confused and a longing to help ourselves and each other.

Together we can do this, when you are ready, at your own pace, our paths will cross and I cannot wait to meet you! Give me a call or send me an email by following the link below.

Prices and Packages

60 Minute session  $75


3 X 1 Hour session  $210


5 X 1 Hour session  $325

Why not include some Reiki and Australian Bush Flower Essence in the Pack to accelerate the healing process.

For more information or to make an enquiry contac Elle today!!

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