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Liz Redman

Doreen VIC 3754

Servicing area: Doreen VIC

Kinergetics is a creative and diverse system of Kinesiology using healing energy as its only correction.

Kinergetics for Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health

What is Kinergetics?

Kinergetics accesses the emotional and metaphysical causes of dis-ease, and balances the body's energies to facilitate profound, lasting change.

Kinergetics assists a natural path to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Kinergetics is a comprehensive healing system that empowers the client to identify, access and release blocked emotions, belief systems, sabotages and so much more!  Kinergetics has powerful techniques & energy corrections to re-balance the entire energetic systems of the body.

Potential Benefits

  • Healing past and present wounds / traumas
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self talk
  • Increased vitality, health and wellbeing
  • Personal growth
  • Mental clarity and enhanced learning
  • Improved performance physically and mentally
  • Safely releasing heavy metals & toxins
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved digestion & nutrient assimilation

Kinergetics can be a way for your body to tell me what the issues are without you being aware of what they are!

Book now and experience the power of Kinergetics.

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