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Eloise Charleson

Eloise Charleson Perth Naturopath

Specialising in Women’s Health, Stress reilience, Thyroid function, Sleep, Anxiety and Digestive Health, Eloise works with you to guide your body back to balance. She supports women to find hormonal balance, to improve fertility, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and post-natal experience as well as to support the transition into menopause. She recognises the impact of stress on mood, sleep and physical health and is skilled at designing tailored strategies matched to your goals. Nutrigenomic DNA testing aids a personalised medicine approach. She also really loves the challenge of supporting those who have had ongoing digestive issues. Her solution based treatment strategies incorporate microbiome testing for accurate outcomes. Over 20 years in practice and Eloise is continuing to support families to achieve better health both face-to-face and via telephone and telehealth. The system is super easy to use and our clients have been very grateful to have these options.


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Eloise is a dedicated Naturopath with over twenty years of clinical experience. Eloise loves helping families achieve their health goals. Her career to date has encompassed extensive naturopathic consulting, senior lecturing and supervision roles as well as health writing and public speaking both locally and internationally. Her clinical work in Australia and Germany, has been enriched by the opportunity to hold a position of Executive Director with the National Herbalists Association, to speak at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on the topic of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and to develop a Menopause Handbook for the Women’s Health Information Centre at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Specialising in Women’s and Children’s Health, Eloise works with women to improve fertility, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and post-natal experience as well as to support the transition into menopause. She also really enjoys bringing children back to their natural, vital selves after times of ill-health. As a Mum of three she has plenty of hands on experience in how to get young children to take their natural medicines and with knowing what really works. Eloise incorporates the tools of positive psychology and attachment parenting to enhance outcomes for learning and behavioural challenges.

“When our GP was going to quickly prescribe our daughter pharmaceutical migraine medication and implied natural medicine was no good and risky, Eloise found natural solutions which has reduced her migraines by 90% and almost immediately!” – Shaktima Porter, February 2017

Who could benefit from a consultation with Eloise?

  • Women with hormonal imbalance
  • Women with thyroid concerns
  • Women with fatigue and ongoing pain
  • Women with fertility concerns
  • Pregnant women wanting to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Pregnant women wanting to reduce the risk of allergy, eczema and asthma for their children
  • Women wanting post-natal care for themselves and their baby
  • Women preparing for a smooth menopause or suffering the symptoms of menopause
  • All those needing mood and stress support
  • Children vulnerable to catching colds, coughs and ear infections
  • Children with behavioural and learning challenges
  • Children with eczema, suspected food intolerances and digestive complaints
  • Children with difficulty getting to sleep or frequent waking
  • Infants with colic, breast-feeding issues or oral thrush
  • Infants with poor sleep patterns or excessive crying


Does natural medicine really work?

In Eloise’s experience, hormonal conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, PMS and functional infertility respond incredibly well to herbal medicine. The herbs Eloise recommends have been rigorously studied in Germany and China. Treatment leads to a more regular menstrual cycle, reduced pain and discomfort, reduced mood swings and increased fertility.

Eloise began her career as a Naturopath at the clinic of Ruth Trickey, Australia’s leading Herbalist for women’s health and was fortunate to have her as a mentor. This gave her an excellent grounding in women’s health which she went on to cement in her own practice. Eloise was able to assist in the research for Ruth Trickey’s well known book, Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle, through translating studies published in German on medicinal herbs.

After becoming a mother she expanded into the area of children’s health. Her personal experience lends so much to her understanding of her smallest patients and their parents and the practicalities of incorporating natural medicine and dietary change into their lives. Eloise believes that children deserve to be functioning at their peak, making the most of every moment. In her experience it takes very little to get them back on track and children seem to sense when a natural medicine is helping them and are usually very compliant in taking their natural medicines. Research done in Germany on the use of herbal medicine in children’s illnesses has led to wide-spread acceptance by patients, General Practitioners and Paediatricians.

Recently a Mum reported that after 2 months on his prescription her son had improved 90%. The change that she felt the most positive about was that he had become more helpful. His teacher had also reported that he was more concentrated and alert in class.

Functional Testing

Functional tests can be ordered where more information is needed to identify the best treatment protocol. We use the Nutripath laboratory based in N.S.W. http://nutripath.com.au/ The clinical and scientific staff at NutriPATH are pioneers in the industry of functional medicine. Their webpage offers information on the tests available as well as sample test reports.

Positive Psychology

Eloise is excited to share with you her experiences at the Positive Psychology Congress in Berlin, July 2014. She was fortunate to be present to hear the research of some great minds. Internationally esteemed psychologist Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness, Flourish and Optimistic Children, presented his latest projects, his work with the U.S. army and Google. He and his colleagues are on the cutting edge of science, developing practical and useful exercises that are easy to incorporate into your day to day routine and have been researched to show their effectiveness in increasing optimism, motivation and happiness. The research presented at the congress shows over and over that we are in control of our psychological health and that of our children. The tools of positive psychology that Eloise combines with her naturopathic advice help you gain greater psychological health, greater life satisfaction and resilience.

“A young boy who came to consult me with a post-viral syndrome after contracting Glandular Fever reported to his Mum on his birthday that the best present was that he had his health back. That made my day”.

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  • B.H.Sc (Comp. Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne)