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Emerge Coaching

Natasha Hita

Naturally U
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Emerge Coaching

Medical, Life and Executive Coach - As well as being a fully trained and accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) I am also one of the very few Medical Coaches in the world so can draw from various models giving a completely individual service.

Emerge Coaching


I have also worked for some of the top global companies so using my empathy, training and skills I can help you bring clarity and focus to your work, life and health.  These result in ceasing negative behaviour, people listen when you speak and you have emotional balance and control over your experience.

Medical Coaching is a specific mental and emotional coaching process. It supports individuals not only cope with a medical crisis or condition, but also support them to create or recreate mental and emotional wellbeing as a way of life.  

The process enables clients to develop their own mechanisms for the change in their lives producing empowerment and their own self-fulfillment.  Ultimately medical coaching aims for the client to gain personal insights and take actions to allow them to flourish and find happiness and wellbeing.

The beauty and strength of the Medical Coaching model is that it addresses all aspects of the client's life and not just the symptoms or the disease.  During the process, the Medical Coach works with the client to create a comprehensive action plan.  The plan incorporates areas such as the physical body, emotions, thoughts, spirit, social connections and the environment.

These can include:

  • People who are experiencing illness.

  • Family members and care provders of those who are ill.

  • People facing any medical and surgical procedures such as: operations, organ transplants and other invasive procedures including IVF.

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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) certifies the Medical Coaching Training and Medical Coaches operate within strict ethical frameworks provided by National and International Coaching Associations and with professional liability insurance.

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