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Empowered Health

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Empowered Health

2,500 years ago Hippocrates, a Greek physician formulated the concept of the “Healing Power Of Nature”. Also known as “The Father Of Medicine”, Hippocrates recognised nature provides us with many of the answers when we become “dis-eased”.

Empowered Health - Naturopathy


When practicing Naturopathy, we understand that the body has all that it requires to function correctly along with the ability to heal itself. At times, it just needs a little assistance. By utilising a system of medicine such as nutritional, herbal medicine, and homeopathy along with lifestyle changes, your body is provided with the resources it needs to heal and bring itself back into a state of harmony and balance.

The six principles of Naturopathy include:

  1. First, do no harm

  2. The healing power of nature

  3. Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

  4. Treat each person as an individual

  5. Education is key to healthy living

  6. Prevention is always better than cure

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