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Member since 2012

Energy, Light & Sound Resonance Healer

Servicing area: Broome, Cable Beach and surrounding areas.

Energy Energy work
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Unique loving Light & Sound energy resonance healing.... Letting go of old negative stuck modes of behaviours/patters, embracing and bringing in new aspects of you, which are more joyful, happy and clearer. Reiki also offered.

Energy, Light & Sound Resonance Healer

I offer a unique effective healing experience, focusing on the transmitting of light & sound energy frequencies, which clear the source of old habit/blocks, be it mental, emotional or physical, that inhibit the person from living a more loving, happy and clearer centred life. This channelled energy comes in the form of light, words and sound frequencies that literally lift of old patterns of behaviour and impart new higher vibrational behaviours/patterns/information instead. This energy work results in the participants conciousness being raised significantly over all and in many specific areas which makes way for significant positive change/s in ones life.

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Reiki Advance Practitioner
Energy, Light & Sound Resonance Healer