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Tania Townsend

Enhance Counselling & Wellbeing Services.

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Tania is a registered counsellor who holds a university Master’s degree in Counselling, and is also qualified in clinical hypnotherapy. She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. She works out of a suite at Perspective Consulting on Bussell Hwy in Busselton Western Australia. Zoom appointments are also available upon request for counselling.

Enhance Counselling & Wellbeing Services.

Servicing area

South West W.A.

Focus areas

Anger management Assertiveness training Anxiety Depression Decision making Self-empowerment

General Information

Tania's counselling style is empathic, compassionate and she is authentically patient, non-judgmental, and understanding in the way she works with clients. 

Tania uses a variety of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy to support clients in achieving their therapy goals.

Tania has experience in supporting clients who want to address difficulties with;

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • grief
  • guilt/shame
  • self-worth
  • relationships
  • lack of purpose
  • decision making

Tania is passionate about helping individuals enhance their lives through therapy and honours the therapeutic relationship. For this reason, no minimum number of sessions are required.



What happens in the first counselling session?

In the first session Tania will explain how she works and ask a few questions about what has led you to seek support. She will then explore what you would like to get out of the therapy. If you don’t know what that is yet, she will help you identify the results you are looking for. Tania will usually share at least one strategy or activity you can take away with you from this first session.


What is the therapeutic alliance?

This is the relationship a client and counsellor build through counselling sessions. Research strongly suggests that the quality of this relationship can be as effective as the therapeutic intervention itself.

So, it is essential that the therapist you see is someone you ‘click’ or ‘gel’ with!

For this reason, Tania doesn’t prescribe a minimum number of sessions. She will inform you as to how many sessions it may take to reach your goal(s) in therapy, but how many you attend is up to you.


If I attend for counselling do I have to engage in hypnotherapy?

No. Hypnotherapy sessions are booked separately to counselling sessions as the process is very different. Tania may suggest hypnotherapy if she deems it could be beneficial in your circumstances, but it is entirely your choice. Hypnotherapy is simply another therapeutic approach and if it isn’t for you, Tania will use other approaches.


Can I just attend for Hypnotherapy?

Yes, you can. The first session will contain counselling elements to identify your goals, and then progress to hypnotherapy.


What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be described as an interaction between a therapist and client where the therapist guides the client verbally through suggestion. This guidance is used to support the client to shift their perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviour through guided imagery, toward the reality they want to create for themselves.

What happens in the first hypnotherapy session?

In the initial hypnotherapy session Tania will discuss with you the changes you would like to make, and she will then explain the process of hypnosis. You can ask any questions you may have. Tania will then guide you through the process of hypnosis, helping clear anything you would like to release, and using suggestions you have agreed upon to make the changes you want to make.

The process is respectful, and you continue to have control throughout the session. It is very different to ‘stage hypnosis’ you may have seen or heard about. This process is not something you can get ‘wrong’, it is simply about allowing the process. Most clients describe the hypnotic experience as very relaxing once they allow it.


2 Services


$120 Per session

Individual Counselling Session

Clinical Hypnotherapy

$170 Per session

Individual Hypnotherapy Session

Business Hours

We're open 2 days.


10:00 am To 6:00 pm


8:00 am To 3:00 pm


  • Master In Counselling
  • Bachelor of Arts In Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma In Hypnotherapy

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