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Essence of the Heart

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The heart is a powerful healing tool that can release & transform repressed emotions & limiting beliefs that cause physical, mental & emotional issues. Gail's experience as a holistic healer, combined with her intuitive abilities, enables her to support healing from the depths of the heart. Explore her Self Directed Healing techniques.

Intuitive Healer & Reiki Practitioner

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Are you trapped in a web of negative emotions or anchored to false beliefs about yourself that are rooted in the past? Essence of the Heart holds the key to your awakening and healing. Based in Thornlands, Queensland, it specialises in Self Directed Healing modalities that improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Essence of the Heart is founded and managed by intuitive healer Gail Custodio. She specialises in a variety of holistic healing techniques, including:

  • Self Directed Healing (SDH) Release Technique
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Reading

All of these healing approaches aim to free the emotional body from limiting beliefs that have negatively manifested in the physical and mental bodies for years.

How can SHD help you?

Not only does your subconscious mind believe you, but you begin to embody what you believe. A limiting belief prevents you from reaching your full potential.

Healing begins not with the EGO, but with what makes you happy. Be aware that EGO arises from the mind. Fill your heart space with love and compassion, and speak to yourself with love, acceptance and compassion, as if you were speaking to a younger version of yourself.

Essence of the Heart will teach you how to be aware of what your mind is saying and what words come out of your mouth. You will learn how to control negative thoughts rather than reacting to them immediately. Mastering this teaches you to forgive and love yourself, which is essential for promoting health and overall wellbeing.

Learn more about Gail

Gail once went to a place within herself. In this place, she discovered herself—her true self. It's her authentic, glorious self who had been hiding all along.

Allow her to guide you if you want to meet your true self as well.

Gail wasn't born a healer; she made herself into one.

As we all have a journey that leads us to our purpose in this life, Gail's journey has led her to be a healer. 

Her dedication and passion are constantly evolving in order to be the best holistic healer she can be. 

She has gained an understanding of what an individual requires to heal themselves through her personal and professional experiences.

Healing does not happen overnight; it takes dedication, courage and self-love to get there. Healing is a JOURNEY!

Gail is a walking proof of the work she does as she does what she preaches.

Are you ready to break free?

If you care enough about yourself to start healing...

Schedule an in-person or Zoom healing session with Gail via email or phone.

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