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Heal Your Body & Mind The Natural Way, With a Professional Essence Therapy or Spiritual Healing Session, With Judie Anne Taylor.

Essential Healing Centre - Essence Therapy & Spiritual Healing

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Trafalgar, Victoria

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Stress Management Goal setting Cramps Emotional wellbeing Wellness Headaches

What Is Spiritual Healing?

The meaning of “Spiritual Healing” is – The healing of the sick in body, mind and spirit, by energies obtained by attunement through prayer or meditation. These spiritual energies are transformed by a trained healer so that they can induce beneficial effects upon the patients energy field and upon the person as a whole, on levels of body, mind and spirit.

In individual cases of illness or stress these energy’s can be directed and applied to particular disease or imbalance of the life force within the person to stimulate natural recovery and peace of mind.

A Little History About Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an ancient therapy which has been used throughout history. It has it’s roots in India , China, Egypt, Greece and Australia.

In India and Egypt the priests and doctors were one – as were science and religion. The medical temple schools of Egypt were famous all through antiquity. The American Indian medicine men appeared about 2000 years before the white man landed in America. The word “Medicine” in Indian culture refers to any powers beyond the normal and natural.

Pythagoras the Greek philosopher and doctor who was born in 570 BC. He was one of the great psychics and healers of both mind and body.

Although healing was referred to by some as “Magic” the word magic means “ Hidden Wisdom”, spiritual healing is complementary to other branches of healing and adds what is necessary to the treatment of the whole person.

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