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Eunoia Mindset

Hey, You!

  • You know that something you are doing right now, is just not working to give you the outcomes and life you want.

  • You know there’s more in you, more you could be, more you could give…

  • You know something is holding you back, you just don’t know ‘what’… or where to even begin looking!

We help you find that ‘something’ and radically transform it, leaving you free to move towards the future that’s there, waiting for you.

With awareness, you can then choose repetition and sameness, or Growth and Change. 

Transformation awaits. It's your choice.


Who is Eunoia Mindset?

The team at Eunoia Mindset are mindset and personal transformation specialists.

Their unique style, which they call Transformational Therapeutic Coaching, brings together evidence-based modalities like RTT™ and TMC, which work at the level of the subconscious mind to effect long-lasting change.

Through their one-on-one transformation sessions, online programs, workshops and e-books, they help people, like you, to break free of what’s holding you back, move forward towards your ideal future and connect even deeper with your authentic self for a life of fulfillment and freedom.

Whether you are looking to get out of your own way, experience physical or emotional healing or simply learn how to tap into resources already within you for even greater success, Eunoia Mindset is here to help you step into your whole and wonderful self.

Eunoia Mindset

Our Signature Deep Dive Program

This unique package teams TMC & RTT™, helping you go on a Deep DEEP Dive into the core of what has held you back all these years. With this method, transformation not only occurs at a biological level, but you develop practical strategies and skills you can apply immediately. What you walk away with is a profound shift and an open door to the future you have been seeking



RTT™ is a cutting-edge technique based on neuroscience. It offers extraordinary, permanent and effective results by utilising the power of neuroplasticity and the subconscious mind.

From your first session, RTT™ unlocks your subconscious and uncovers the limiting beliefs that have affected your behaviour and thinking for years or even decades. Effortlessly, you gain profound clarity around challenges that once seemed impenetrable. You are then guided by your therapist, Zoi to reprogram old limiting neural networks, transforming them into a blank canvas where anything becomes possible.

The greatest gift in RTT™ is the freedom it has given thousands to re-write their narrative.



TMC believes the pathway to any outcome or goal, lies not in doing, but in who you are being. It involves exploring the whole person, the relationship you have with your-self and others, your experience of emotions, your needs, your values, beliefs, standards and attitudes. Through the doorway of your mindset, we are able to deep dive into your operating system, in order to truly understand your experience of the world.

Coaching is a process of partnership.

The understanding is that you have all the resources within you right now to achieve whatever you set your mind to and overcome any obstacles ahead. It is Sophia’s job as your coach to assist you to access those resources right now. In that role, Sophia steps into whatever you need her to be, to help you unlock your full potential and step into who you need to be.

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