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At Eunoia Mindset we bring the the best of Therapy, Leadership and Performance coaching together, for a whole person approach to business. We work with you across 3 core layers - the Me, the We and the Mission - to ensure you, your people and your Business can thrive simultaneously. Through our Signature Deep Dive Method, our Authentic Impact Mastermind for Purpose-Driven Business Owners, and our Online Events around Time Mastery and Balance, we help fast-paced Business Owners continue to drive growth and get results, without having to burnout or sacrifice so much of themselves, to do it.

Eunoia Mindset

Focus areas

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‘Non-Business’ Business Coaching

We’re non-Business - Business Coaches.

What that actually means is that we help founders, practitioners and consultants tap into their genius zone to drive growth into their businesses, but we do it working with you - as the heart of this business, rather than giving you strategies for admin, marketing and sales.

That’s not  to say that you don’t get ideas and strategies for those things anyway, from the experts we bring in to help with your business growth, or from the other business owners in the Authentic Impact community - it’s just not the core of what we help you with.

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We believe in the power of beautiful and resourceful thinking.

We believe in the incredible resilience and adaptability of human beings. When you bring together our innate capacity for transformation and growth and the immense potential of the mind, we arrive at a space where the impossible becomes possible. 

Eunoia Mindset exists here.

You’re invited in this safe space to step into your future self, to explore your boundaries and stretch them further than you ever deemed possible, to access your power, find your voice and get clear on what drives you forward at your core.

Here, you’re invited to claim your life and your story.


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  • Rapid Transformational Therapist

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  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists
  • ASCH - The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • AHA - Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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